13 for 13

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Or NY revolutions either for that matter. I’m not that good at sticking to strict guidelines and restrictions, especially the big ones like save money, lose weight. Which ironically are always top of my priority list.

But rather than resolutions I do like to give myself some simple rules and reminders. Last year I had the 12 for 12, some I met with moderate success, some I failed dismally. But as they aren’t resolutions, no one can hold me to it! Except myself, dammit! Me and my sucky willpower.

So here are my 13 reminders for 2013. Some are trivial, but upon reflecting over the last 12 months 33 years, these are things I do need to work on.

What are your 13 for 13 I wonder?

1. Tidy up things.         Living alone, it is easy to fall into cleaning ruts, especially when there are no scheduled guests arriving. Not dirty unhygienic style, more piles of stuff style. I read today the ‘rule of 5’ (probably on pinterest), whereas when 5 things in a group accumulate, stop and put them away. 5 dishes by the sink, 5 items of clothing on the chair, 5 empty water bottles by the bed, 5 bills on the table etc. Seems achievable!

2. Splurge on Quality Top Coat. Thanks to my recent nail polish obsession, I have a huge collections, though rather inexpensive. If you wear expensive top coat, your cheap $2 ulta3 colour lasts longer! Not to mention looks rather shiny. I’m out of my China Glaze one, though think I might check out the heralded Seche Vite.

3. Water my plants. No explanations necessary. No more dead herbs!

4. Eat Breakfast. Sounds too simple, but this has been my second diet ‘lifestyle change’ goal in 2012, since I successfully kicked the coca cola habit (4 months!). I’m terrible at eating when I wake up, especially on weekdays. So its my new goal, and I make it an enjoyable ritual, taking the last 5 mins before I run out the door to sit on the balcony, soak up the day and eat brekky. Hey – good time to water the plants while I’m there!

5. Pop pills. Well, seeing as I take some medication, I need to improve my habits of taking them every day. Aiming for after breakfast! And plant watering. Gee my mornings are going to be busy.

6. Use products. Bathroom checklist – probably have enough moisturisers to use a different one on my body every day for a month. So use them! Different one each day 🙂  Same with body wash (5 lined up in the shower, a different one each day) and hair products. Rotate between leave in conditioner, shine serum, hair oil and split ends treatment. Think that’s a better plan than putting in all hair products at once!

7. File stuff. Thanks to my recently purchased filing cabinet, I can now put things away in the correct folders instead of all being in a box! Just need to file 4 years of paperwork into the filing cabinet to get started. Sigh.

8. Un Match. Ask anyone (or read my blog) and you’ll see that I can get a bit too matchy matchy with clothes, accessories and even make up. Need to shake it up and change the colours, without overdoing it and looking too rainbow. It’s a fine line ladies.

9. Watch more music videos. Why, because I love them!

10. Find some zen time. I am always on the run but think I need to spend a bit more time being still (and ok, quiet). Not sure where or how yet, stay tuned.

11. Ok I’m back from watching music vids. Number 11 – buy less! Whatever I’m buying, spend less. Less make up, less groceries, less clothes, less take away. Try to live a more lean existence (and hopefully appear more lean).

12. Sort out my sleep. As an adult I’m rarely sleeping enough hours on weeknights. Everyone tells me to sort it out; Doctors, Specialists, caring friends and family. It doesn’t help that I can cope on 4-5 hours a night (though without the coke I seem to struggle more!) but I know that I need more, for my weight loss, my skin, my bags (of the eye variety) and my health. Think I better finish up this post and head to bed!

13. Say No. Always a yeser, a pleaser, a do gooder, a ‘it’s the right thing to do-er’. But after almost 34 years on this planet I need to turn down things now and then. Give me time to reboot. And I think I’m old enough to not do things I don’t want to do!

So here’s to a lucky 13! Wish me luck, and if you are taking on any new year’s resolutions or reminders/goals, good luck to you too!


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