Recent Overseas Purchases

I do like to shop… and I do like to travel, so shopping while travelling is a win win situation for me. Especially when amazing bargains can be found.

The only dilemma is carrying what you buy. My bags get so stuffed it is impossible to carry them! Oh and if you have the unfortunate debacle of having a backpack stolen. True story for another day.

This trip I was savvy and sent a box of shopping home from the US, since I still had to backpack my way around South East Asia.


Here are some of my recent buys!


USA and Canada by Instagram

And of course, a lot of food featured here…


















Today I am Dreaming of… Mebourne Shopping

What: Victoria’s capital has always been renowned for good shopping. It never disappoints. Markets, Arcades, Alleyways, Boutiques. Fashion or food, I love it!

When: I always seem to go in winter. Rugged up, cold, perfect for hot chocolate and sales!

Where: I really want to go to the Rose St Artists Markets, haven’t been able to get there yet. Seriously though? Everywhere is good.

Who: Normally some girlfriends, perfect shopping partners. Taking The Artist last time proved difficult to get out shopping. Until he felt sick and wanted to stay in. Out I go!

026 045 cake shop 050 049 034 020


Carry on, why don’t you?

Last weekend I booked an impromptu flight up the coast to hang out with one of my best friends. 2 nights, 2 days, with lots of staying inside talking, eating, talking about eating, general hanging out behaviour. Maybe a trip to the shops or markets. Maybe a meal out. Who could say?

So booking last minute meant trying to cut costs. Step 1: Fly budget. Step 2: Take Carry On.

Three words I’ve never braved before, carry on luggage. Never really been able to pack so tight and snug that I could waltz past the carousels and be on my way. It does seem that nowadays on these budget flights EVERYONE takes carry on, those overhead lockers are bursting and some people’s bags must be pushing the weight and size limit.

So how did I downsize my packing to carry on only? By taking multi-purpose clothes, minimal accessories and staying to a colour scheme (as usual).


Tops: Black 3/4 sleeve top, black singlet, pink leopard print blouse, paisley pink shirt, black  sparkly jumper, pink blazer.

Bottoms: Black jeans, denim skirt, black leggings

Extras: Black and white galaxy print dress, thongs, pink flats, black boots (not pictured), pink handbag, pink & black & white jewellery.

I had to cover sitting around on lounges to possible beach walks, to wet and dreary weather to maybe a night out. I got all this into a pink leopard print overnight bag, with toiletries, phone charger, notebook and magazines. Not bad!

But did I have enough clothes? Always a possible drama. Of course… but that might be because we hit the shops and I got a few too many extra items! I did get all my shopping into the bag and the handbag on the way home too. Keen to try ‘Carry On’  again soon!

IMG_4486 IMG_4487


Liking, Loathing, Noticing – Autumn Edition

Liking: Autumn!  Cooler days means no more Sweaty Betty. No more sweating in unmentionable areas (Curvy girls everywhere are nodding in agreement).

Loathing: Autumn! Boo to daylight saving ending. Boo to no more ocean swims (too wussy for me) Boo to having to find a cardigan, sweater or jumper that matches every outfit but may never get put on all day.

Noticing: Autumn weather means getting toasty under the doona. But not for The Artist, who is still a Sweaty Betty in the bed. Is it all couples I wonder who have such different sleep body temperatures? He tells me I’m building a doona igloo.

Liking: Autumn sales! Now I know Steve Madden stocks Betsey Johnson, I’ll go there first when sales are on. The glitter flats were only $15!


Loathing: LOSING JEWELLERY. I have ‘misplaced’ (lost sounds too final) two items of jewellery that were gifts from The Artist. Worst girlfriend ever. I hope and pray they turn up.

Noticing: I have moments when I am shopping where I find something so me, that before I know it I have purchased it and taken it home. It’s like love at first sight! Like these necklaces and ring I got at the Dangerfield Outlet Store.NECKLACES 4 BLOG

Tasmania by Instagram

1. Many a day spent hiking through Tasmania’s lush forests and rainforests within their National Parks.

2. Waiting for the Artist to post something (in his usual deliberate fashion) I had time to check out the gorgeous interior and Exterior of the Launceston Post Office.

3. The cold chilly view from the top of Mt Wellington, looking away from Hobart to the endless view of mountains stretching back to the west.

4. Salamanca Markets, they live up to their name. Go early, before 10 am it’s much less crowded and easier to get front row at the amazing stalls.

5. Berries and cream for sale at one of Salamanca Markets delicious looking food stalls.

6. Some of my market purchases… ’cause clearly I don’t have enough rings!

7. Now this is my kind of chicken shop!




More Accessories – Beyond the 30

So my 30 Days of Accessories Challenge is over, but I am still challenging myself to wear different jewellery, scarves and shoes. Here are some of the items I have worn over the last few days:

And since technically the shopping ban ended at day 30,  here are some recent purchases!

Wanted: Navy or blue shoes – to go with those outfits that have no black so black shoes are out.

Found: $12 (yes twelve dollars!) cute flats at K Mart

Along with never-knew-I-needed-them-but-know-I-can’t-live-without-them $8 pink snake skin flats and Missoni inspired print flats for $19.


Wanted: Ogling these purple triangular earrings at Lovisa for weeks. Can’t justify spendage (plus I was on a ban!)

Found: On Sale!  Two items for $10!

And of course I bought more, it was 2 for 10 after all!


Wanted: Subtle, orange accessories to go with my rockin’ orange heels

Found: Awesome bangle stack – also part of the 2 for 10 deal!

Ahh shops… it’s good to be back 🙂