Colour Fest Day 13 – Vivacious

Vivacious Pantone
I have so many clothes in this colour range, love a bit of deep pinky fuchsia to brighten the day. Love my soft leather $15 handbag above, and my pink top with the built in necklace!
Can’t wait to try out my new love heart sweater from Mix@Coles!
This is the base colour for my 31 day trip, starting tomorrow, packing is a mix of pinks, blacks, whites and denims!

Colour Fest Day 11 – Dusk Blue

Pantone Dusk Blue

Not a regular colour for me, I went with a tee shirt with polka dots and cats on it, with the beaded bracelet and denim flats with jeans.

Casual Friday and all that, a step above what is completely acceptable in my field as casual Friday – trackies and sneakers.



Colour Fest Day 10 – Linen

A lovely clean nude, pinky creamy goodness and usually a pain to keep clean! I have pants this colour. I’m mean really, who can wear light coloured pants and go outside? or sit down on public transport? or garden?
Not me. dark colours below the waist seems to be a better option.
Those boots – swoon! A hundred euros, from Amsterdam bought in 2005. Still love them. I seem to strut instead of walk while wearing them. Well, strut more than usual.

Colour Fest Day 9 – Lemon Zest

Pantone Lemon Zest


Sunny yellow brightens any day. Goes perfectly with navy, a sunny sailor approach. With black it can look classy, or it can look bumble bee. If bumble bee is the look you were going for, knock your socks off.

How cute would bees look in socks?

Colour Fest Day 8 – Emerald

Pantone Emerald

Not quite aqua, not quite green, emerald sits smugly in the middle. Matching the swatch from Pantone to my wardrobe was surprising – not much actually matched!

Too aqua, too turquoise, too green, too blue, too dark, too light, ooh this matches… oh that’s right that doesn’t fit. Like half my wardrobe. Sigh.

In other observations that mug is awesome, and pretty much sums up my life, if you consider ‘make stuff’ to be faffing around online and in the wardrobe whilst watching Next Top Model.

Sure, I make stuff.

Colour Fest Day 7 – Nectarine

Pantone NectarineIf you’d said that 5 years ago that I would end up wearing more orange in my outfit than a road worker I would have laughed out loud and thought you were a bit not right in the head.
But here I am, orange dresses, high heels, jewels, tops, flats, cheek and lip stains.
Loving it. Probably not right in the head, but loving it.

Colour Fest Day 6: Monaco Blue

Monaco Blue
I suppose this colour is to make you think of the Mediterranean Ocean, blue sparkling and shining, like the coast of Monaco, Nice, Cannes etc.
I visited the Cote D’Azur in 2005, and the water was a spectacular colour. I am currently loving royal blues, cobalt blues, monaco blues, probably as they have been dominating the fashion world for a little while.
I have a jumper in this colour and at the moment it’s getting worn every week without fail, dressed up or down.