After the success of Scarf-a-thon I took up another challenge to wear more of my accessories, that is to wear a different ring each day. Here are some of my rings worn so far!


Favourite Accessory… Engagement Ring!

It’s hard not to be bias now with my jewellery, but my gorgeous ruby and diamond engagement ring has jumped to the top of the list of most favourite accessory.

It still doesn’t seem real, having a ring on that finger. I often fidget and feel the ring unknowingly, its amazing how perfectly it fits on my hand and I don’t even realise it is there.

The pressure of picking and choosing THE ring is enormous and for the best part of 35 years I’ve hypothesised about ‘what my engagement ring will look like’. Fate would take that decision out of my hands as The Artist would be (one day… he implied) giving me a family heirloom, his grandmother’s ring. Eek! A family heirloom – so romantic!

But what if I don’t like it? What if its not ‘me’? Such pressure.

So I breathed a deep sigh of relief when he opened the box (on one knee of course, on the beach under the moonlight) and I saw the most beautiful and delicate ring. Red! So me. It really couldn’t be any more perfect. I guess it was meant to be!

(I’ll apologise for being so gushy now)

Tasmania by Instagram

1. Many a day spent hiking through Tasmania’s lush forests and rainforests within their National Parks.

2. Waiting for the Artist to post something (in his usual deliberate fashion) I had time to check out the gorgeous interior and Exterior of the Launceston Post Office.

3. The cold chilly view from the top of Mt Wellington, looking away from Hobart to the endless view of mountains stretching back to the west.

4. Salamanca Markets, they live up to their name. Go early, before 10 am it’s much less crowded and easier to get front row at the amazing stalls.

5. Berries and cream for sale at one of Salamanca Markets delicious looking food stalls.

6. Some of my market purchases… ’cause clearly I don’t have enough rings!

7. Now this is my kind of chicken shop!




30 Days of Accessories

To say that I am addicted to accessories is an understatement. I’ve always stuck by my mantra that I’ rather collect something functional than a collection of cat figurines or stuffed animals.

Which is why my smallish apartment is bursting at the seams with jewellery, shoes, scarves and bags. Accessories are also my favourite thing to buy when travelling, they make for a great talking point and usually pack nice and small!

Last year to keep me on my toes (literally!) I embarked upon Shoesapalooza. I pledged to wear 30 shoes in 30 days. Which I succeeded. Starting a holiday and having a bit more time (a little bit more) I felt like it was time for another wardrobe challenge.

But seeing as I’ve upped the shoe collection (plus the rest…) I decided I need to give myself a bigger challenge!

Today is the beginning of the 30 Days of Accessories Challenge!

So combining my shoes, scarves and jewellery I pledge to only wear an item once in 30 days.

Of course there are some rules (it’s my challenge and I can do what I want to)

Rule 1: Like last year, ugg boots, sneakers, soccer boots, gum boots and thongs are excused.

Rule 2: Unlike last year, being the heart of winter and freezing, I’m going to allow myself 2 wears a week of my knee high boots, for warmth purposes only!

Rule 3. I can only re wear an item (except for boots) if I am wearing 2 outfits in one day.

Rule 4. I will be imposing a shopping ban for the last 25 days, I am off to Melbourne for 5 days, and don’t think for a duckling’s second that I won’t be shopping in Melbourne! (The Artist is less impressed with that plan… He can sleep in and I’ll hit the markets!)

Rule 5. My everyday watch is excluded from the challenge – I need it for work and don’t have enough watches to last 30 days (Ok I have 10, but 3 don’t work and.. oh okay, yes I do realise that is a lot of watches….)

Wish me luck! Let me know if you are embarking on a similar challenge or maybe a 30 by 30 challenge with clothes?

And as this is a place of honesty… I will admit. (Deep breath) I own:

38 rings

56 pairs of shoes (plus 8 thongs, 3 sneakers, 2 ugg boots, gum boots and soccer boots)

43 scarves

96 necklaces

10 watches


172 pairs of earrings

(Woah… Breathe out.)

Moving On…Here is Day 1!