Liking, Loathing, Noticing – September 2018

Liking: One week to holidays! Yumi’s Hummus – so good on Pita bread, Beach walks around the headlands, proper sleep ins where I am not woken up by my partner, my cat or my brain…

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Loathing: Not getting my weekend sleep ins, I mean seriously why I am awake on Sunday morning at 6am? Realising that the closure of Polyvore meant that all my blog posts that were posted from Polyvore are missing their images, making my blog look so sad. Appalled that they closed the site and app with NO NOTICE, over 20 million uses lost everything. I myself had over 100 polyvore sets. Gone forever!


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Noticing: We have a bunny in the backyard! He(?) is so cute. A little brown one that eats the grass. I think I will call him Barry. Barry the bunny. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was in South America! It was such an epic month. Today a year ago I was having a 17 course degustation menu at Central restaurant in Lima! My social media and website preferences come and go. Sites and apps I used a lot are now sitting idle. Instagram has definitely stood the test of time and is still my favourite social media platform! I may need to look into a Polyvore fashion flat lay alternative…









Liking, Loathing, Noticing

Liking: Mini break and beach holidays! New piano music CDs – so relaxing. Anywhere yoga stretches, crunchy red/green apples, Scottish tablet fudge… drool. Eumundi markets on the weekend – so good. Trampolining – getting better and bolder! Photo a day challenges!

Loathing: 5 hours of commuting and waiting for a 90 minute flight. Being charged 50 cents for toilet rolls at holiday accommodation – when you’re only given 1 and a half rolls to start with to last you 4 days (yes – first world problems). Dieting not happening again – sad face. Must be stricter! 2 years of photos missing from iPhone?! Hope they are on the cloud, if I can ever find out how to get in.

Noticing: Petrol prices swing high and low depending on day and location. Spring is in the air, I can sense it! Every month someone on social media is on holidays overseas, which I get to live through via their photos. I love and loathe this simultaneously. My new candle (well new as in just lit) smells divine… fills the whole room!

Liking, Loathing, Noticing

Liking: Gherkin Dip (who knew! I don’t like gherkins but in dip form… yum!) Warm winter scarves, Sleep ins in flannelette sheets, Reddish brown hair (no greys please), Peckish Thins crackers (to dip into in aforementioned gherkin dip)

Loathing: Eating too much dip and crackers and therefore not losing any weight, Aldi supermarket not selling Peckish Thins, Waking up at 7.30am on ‘Sleep in Sunday’, Going to a fancy bar/hotel and having out of control children running around – hitting your table as they go past and throwing shoes – please people! This is a bar, not a playground!

Noticing: The teacher in you will not hesitate to discipline ‘other people’s children’ who are running around bars while their parents ignore them and sip mimosas. You will always grow one grey hair in your right temple who seems to miss the hair dye every time. You will be fooled into thinking sunny days will be warmish, until the ice-like, Winterfell wind hits you.



Liking, Loathing, Noticing

Liking: Holidays tomorrow! A 31 day adventure to America, Canada and Asia can’t wait!

Loathing: The idea of 18 hours on a plane tomorrow, with a 5 hour stop over, then a combined 3 hour bus trip. Urgh, the downside to travel, bring on window seat!

Noticing: Miss S hasn’t noticed I’m leaving yet. I have organised a house sitter so I’m sure her world will be in turmoil (You’re not my human!) though she wouldn’t like the alternative (Cattery!)

Liking: Summer weather, bring on Thailand Beach time!

Loathing: Bills and Fines arriving when you’re trying to save for a holiday. Especially when you think you had paid the fine already!

Noticing: There is way too many clothes and accessories in my ‘to pack’ pile than will fit in my backpack. Uh oh…



Liking, Loathing, Noticing – Autumn Edition

Liking: Autumn!  Cooler days means no more Sweaty Betty. No more sweating in unmentionable areas (Curvy girls everywhere are nodding in agreement).

Loathing: Autumn! Boo to daylight saving ending. Boo to no more ocean swims (too wussy for me) Boo to having to find a cardigan, sweater or jumper that matches every outfit but may never get put on all day.

Noticing: Autumn weather means getting toasty under the doona. But not for The Artist, who is still a Sweaty Betty in the bed. Is it all couples I wonder who have such different sleep body temperatures? He tells me I’m building a doona igloo.

Liking: Autumn sales! Now I know Steve Madden stocks Betsey Johnson, I’ll go there first when sales are on. The glitter flats were only $15!


Loathing: LOSING JEWELLERY. I have ‘misplaced’ (lost sounds too final) two items of jewellery that were gifts from The Artist. Worst girlfriend ever. I hope and pray they turn up.

Noticing: I have moments when I am shopping where I find something so me, that before I know it I have purchased it and taken it home. It’s like love at first sight! Like these necklaces and ring I got at the Dangerfield Outlet Store.NECKLACES 4 BLOG

Liking, Loathing, Noticing

Liking – No coke, diet coke, zero or any cola product for 5 weeks! Hi 5 self!

Loathing – Wowza I am so tired all the time. Scary how much my body must have relied on caffeine.

Noticing – Mt Franklin Lightly Sparkling is drinkable. Hey it’s no coke, but its drinkable. Endorsed by Jennifer Hawkins. I’m forcing my way through it in hope that I get THAT BODY. Love the latest release – berry, lime and lemon versions.

Liking – Celebrating the big 2 years with The Artist. So lovely. Especially lovely is my beautiful gift – this gorgeous gemstone bracelet.

Loathing – You’d think after 15 or so years of cooking I would finally get soft boiled eggs right. Dam hard yolks! what use is toast soldiers with solid eggs!

Noticing – I’m having a flats moment. I would usually be banging out and about in my trusty black spring/summer sandals, but lately all I want to wear is cute flats. Navy and white polka dot with red, how could I not!

Liking, Loathing, Noticing…

Liking: Holidays soon. Bring. It. On

Loathing: Head cold. Nose that is almost bleeding from incessant blowing. urgh.

Noticing: You can wear pretty much anything you want and say ‘it’s the latest fashion’ and people agree. Even pink animal print with yellow jewellery.

Liking: Warmer weather, sunny days and cutie dresses.

Loathing: Not having time to get car washed. Crunchy car mats. Urgh.

Noticing: Wearing nail polish actually hides nail flaws and cuticles. Instant health pick me up.

Noticing: Miss S has fallen in love with the leather pouffe from Turkey. I think it’s because it stays warm from her fur. Cute!