OOTD: Navy and Polka Dots


Navy with polka dots

Navy with polka dots



City Chic navy dress with polka dot top

– No Boyz brand navy polka dot shoes with red bows, brought at Williams Shoes

Lovisa strawberry earrings

Steve Madden watch

Miss Selfridge red love heart necklace


Party for my niece, who is turning 2.


I bought this dress last week in the City Chic sales, half price! I hoped to wear it to my niece’s 2nd Birthday. The weather was chilly all week and I feared it would be too cold to wear on its own so I got the cardigan and leggings ready. But it was a gorgeous warm winter day, so no leggings needed.  I wore a red cardigan for part of the day, but in the sunshine I didn’t need it.



These were taken with my iphone 4s, so a little blurry. Desperately need a new phone!

Gosh my arms look big, they really should stay covered up until I lose some weight…  



Colour Fest Day 1: Acai

Day 1 – Acai

I chose a relatively safe combo to kick start Colour Fest. I already have a lot of purple, especially like Acai (Pantone 19-3628).

Pantone Inspired - Acai

Today purple leggings, a paisley dress with a mix burgundy, purple and orange, a purple sweater, tan boots I had made in Vietnam and bronze coloured accessories. Too easy!


Today’s Outfit: Leopard Elf

Today's Outfit: Leopard Elf
I really liked wearing this outfit. Much more than yesterdays. Yesterday I tried to do purple jean/leggings with a black high collared flowy top. I forgot that that top is a bit long and hence, too flowy. And my jeans are a bit big now so looked a bit like purple elephant legs, all loosey goosey. Nice.
But today I rocked it!  These pants always make me feel like an elf. Especially when I wear boots, but leopard flats? Well they’re practically a neutral here…

Obsessed with… Orange and Navy

Obsessed with... Orange and Navy Yes I’m STILL obsessed with these colours. Here is an almost version of what I wore today to work. I’ve moved from cobalt blue here to navy, which I think goes nicely with the orange.
I love wearing colour, and people often comment on that, ‘I love all your colours today’ etc. Sometimes I don’t feel I can pull it off though! 

Today’s Outfit: Pink & Leopard

Today's Outfit: Pink & Leopard

Worn out for dinner and a spot of bowling! I learned the hard way that bowling and dresses don’t mix, so pants it is for the awesome red and white striped bowling shoes.

So pants it was, but to throw some fun in the mix, I went with my flowy leopard print top (Leo-Paard darling) with some pink accessories! The bracelet is the same colour as the necklace and earrings, but that came out more coral.

Did the colours help my bowling ability? Hell no. Especially as I was distracted by the glowing pink accessories!