Liking, Loathing, Noticing

Liking: Air conditioning and ceiling fans… with temperatures soaring into the 40 degrees Celsius range, thankful for ways to cool down!

Loathing: Lack of sleep. At the busy end of my work year, so much to organise and little time means many of my colleagues, just like myself are seriously burning the candle at both ends.

Noticing: Tiredness definitely affects my motor skills, I seem to drop things and break things, knock body parts on various protruding pieces of furniture when I’m tired and stressed!

Liking: Upcoming holidays! Christmas time with The Artist, so looking forward to some quality time together.

Loathing: Price increases at holiday time. Why do flights to anywhere from Australia seem to cost so much! And hotel mark ups… The Artist thinks everything over $100 a night is expensive. Ha! These days that would barely get you a night in a hostel.

Noticing: The internet really knows you, like some creepy stalker guy you may have dated back in the 90s. One search through google and every page and social media site is bombarded for ads for the very thing you searched for! Remind me not to search for any feminine products, that can stay off my facebook thank you!


Obsessed with…Summer Dresses

Obsessed with...Summer Dresses

Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

These are the things I am liking at the moment (Cue Carrie Bradshaw ‘me likey!’)

Cute summer sandals from Target. $20 yes please!

‘Unicorns are so lame. said nobody ever.’ notebook from Typo. Seriously Typo? So cute I spend all my money.

A Snow of Ice and Fire 7 book sets. Come to mama.

Two pairs of patterned sunnies from Crossroads. $10 each. That’s why I bought two of course.

Batiste! How did I survive before I met you?!

Euphoria by CK, gifted 2 years in a row.

Natio BB cream. Pretty much all I need on my dial before heading beach side.

W7 Saucy Strawberry lip balm tin. Love this glamour edition tin too.

Kmart rose bud earrings. I like have them in 7 colours.

Wet n Wild Fergie ‘Hollywood Walk of fame’ nail polish of mini stars. Stars for fox sake, talk about cute!

Surviving the Heat in the Southern Hemisphere

Phew it’s been hot in Australia lately. Bushfire hot, beach hot, air conditioners and humid uncomfortable nights.
Terribly hard to dress for, as anything on the skin feels sticky and clingy. I have been living in shorts, singlets, cotton dresses, thongs and messy buns.
Its too hot for many accessories or make up, so I’m just wearing some lip gloss and maybe a necklace, my fingers and wrists too hot and swelling prone for rings and bracelets.
Surviving the Heat in the Southern Hemisphere
My favourite colour combination at the moment is mint and coral. I got the necklace for Christmas, and the shoes were a free gift with purchase at Ally, where I bought the gorgeous green dress. Score!
I live in my black thongs for most of the summer holidays. My shorts on rotation  have been my dark denim number from City Chic, my black boardies and two pairs of loose patterned shorts from K-Mart.

What I discovered while cleaning out the wardrobe

On the first day of my summer holidays, I cleaned out the wardrobe. Well, cleaned out every storage space that contains clothes, shoes and accessories. It took all day. Undie drawers, belt box, jewellery containers included, along with my 2 wardrobes. It must be a common end of year task as many bloggers took to their wardrobes to revamp and clean up. Here is what I discovered along the way.

1. Even though you own over 50 pairs of underpants you will only wear the same 10 favourite pairs. Bin the rest! Keep a few of those sexy ones, you never know when you’ll need to show them off…

2. You can have sizes 8-18 in your wardrobe and fit into any of them, depending on brand, cut, fit and stretchiness. Especially if you think ‘Yeah I  can wear this shirt open, without buttoning up’ and ‘I’ll just cut some holes here, and here…’.

3. There will be clothes so far deep that have never seen the light of day. Consider whether you want to keep them. Blow the dust off them first.

5. Christmas is the perfect time to purge the wardrobe and give away those that you don’t wear, charity begins at home (5 bags later….).

6. You can never have enough plain black tank tops/singlets.

7. Somethings still don’t fit. One day you say, one day.

8. If it was hip to the lip in 1997, chances are it’s not too hip now. Wait a few more years, everything in fashion will reappear again. Yes even that shocked blue pencil slit skirt from  Hound Dog.

9. Cleaning out the wardrobe is like sorting through old boyfriends. Or old dates. Aww how I loved these jeans. What did I ever see in this shirt? Oh these shoes takes me back to Contiki 2005. Why am I still holding onto this dress? It makes me look hideous!

10. If you haven’t worn it for 5 years because you need to sew buttons, fix hems, patch holes, and your sewing ability is akin to the skin of butchered heroines in horror movies, you will NEVER fix it. Time to go, time to go.

Wow, my cupboards are practically empty! Time to hit the shops. 5 dresses later, thank you Paper Scissors