My To Do List

1. Finish making my photo album coffee table books using the site Momento. 3 done, 5 to go

2. Rewrite out all my passwords in a new journal

3. Buy some more plants for my balcony and for inside my apartment, maybe even some catnip for Stormy?

4. Reread (properly) the Song of Ice and Fire book series

5. Upgrade to a new DSLR camera. Suggestions welcome!

6. Start doing more yoga, aim for 5 days a week! My favourite is Yoga with Adriene.

7. Write a book. Picture book? Young Adult fiction?

8. Complete an artwork in watercolour. Maybe gum leaves?

9. Sort out the filing cabinet and replace the broken cabinet!

10. Keep up regular fitness sessions, do at home like with The Fitness Marshall.

11. Do another pastel artwork, maybe of a landscape from my many travels?

12. Upgrade my 13 year old computer! Can you believe it lasted that long?

13. Get in the habit of having green tea every day.

14. Finish off the recipe book of clippings

15. Download all my favourite 80s and 90s movies!

16. Re-sort through the earrings, necklaces, scarves, shoes etc and sell some more on ebay!

17. Religiously use my face products!

18. Try to improve my hair style ability, and spend more time on the hair each morning.

19. Replace the flooring and carpet in my apartment.

20. Master at least 3 songs on my keyboard!

21. Update my music collection on all my devices!