Today I am Dreaming of… Mebourne Shopping

What: Victoria’s capital has always been renowned for good shopping. It never disappoints. Markets, Arcades, Alleyways, Boutiques. Fashion or food, I love it!

When: I always seem to go in winter. Rugged up, cold, perfect for hot chocolate and sales!

Where: I really want to go to the Rose St Artists Markets, haven’t been able to get there yet. Seriously though? Everywhere is good.

Who: Normally some girlfriends, perfect shopping partners. Taking The Artist last time proved difficult to get out shopping. Until he felt sick and wanted to stay in. Out I go!

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Melbourne by Instagram

1. Miss S is onto the fact that I am leaving on a jet plane… unwillingly, she was forced into the cat box the next morning, not without taking some of my skin with her!

2. Waiting for The Artist… haloumi bruschetta it is!

3. Cocktails at Crown Casino, Lumiere Bar

4. Interior ceiling of The Central Arcade

1. Umbrella display inside shopping mall, Collins St.

2. Some of Melbourne purchases, clutch, bracelets, necklace

3. Brownie with ice cream, fairy floss and strawberry lime cider – for lunch!

4. Babushka shop, Royal Arcade.

30 Days of Accessories Challenge Day 4 – Beaver v. Comic Con

Queuing for 2 hours requires comfy clothing and these shoes barely made the grade. Luckily in between our Comic Con mission we went and had a long lazy lunch at The Merrywell.

Here’s what I wore:

And here’s what we ate @ The Merrywell:

And for the record… I did not fit in at Comic Con at all …. Purely there for research purposes!

Day 3

In which I wear an outfit suited for brisk Melbourne days and the sweat it out during an unseasonably warm Sydney day whilst commuting to the airport.

I had all this on, plus a long sleeved black skivvy and a black jacket, and I trudged all over town in the heat, lugging my suitcase up hills and running for check in counters (us late? never…)

Packing for Melbourne

A six day trip in Melbourne, where the forecast is for a maximum of 11 degrees (positively balmy) requires some stealth packing. This is not one of those ‘I’m just taking carry on’ packing related posts.

I probably packed more than I needed, but I wasn’t taking any chances with the weather as often I pack too little and are not prepared for the cold! Plus I foresee layering, layering, layering… which means you wear the fashion equivalent of two outfits.

So here’s the packing haul…

And the details:

2 boots, 1 pair of flats (I may regret taking 2 boots, but it is the 30 days of accessories challenge!)

black jeans, blue jeans, 3 pairs of leggings

2 scarves, 1 beanie, 1 pair of gloves

3 singlets, 1 short sleeved blouse (horse print!), 1 purple fancy top

3 jumpers (maroon, purple, fuchsia)

1 black ribbed and 1 blue knitted cardigan

I black padded jacket, 1 black and fuchsia patterned coat

3 patterned dresses (with hues of blues, maroons, purples)

2 black long sleeved tops, one with a white star print

That seems like a lot for six days. But I never know whether I’ll need one outfit a day that carries from day to night, or a separate outfit for night time.That dude Murphy will always throw the opposite at you too.

I wanted to have room in my bag for shopping!

Hmmm… May need to borrow some of The Artist’s bag space for purchases…