Packing for 32 days

Packing for 32 days
It is always a challenge when you have to pack for an extended holiday, 3 weeks and over. You can’t take an outfit and set of underwear for everyday, which you may pack for short trips. Most people pack an assortment of easy, wear anywhere, day to night clothes and then try to do some laundry throughout the trip.

Depending on the size of your luggage also depends on how much you pack. I will be travelling for 32 days out of a 50L backpack. Any bigger and I can’t physically carry it on my back. With one small cross body bag, I had to be a packing ninja to get all my clothes, underwear, shoes, toiletries, accessories and travel items in the backpack! Plus still have some room left for shopping!

My colour theme for this trip was black and grey neutrals with denim items and aqua/teal pieces. I will be travelling around China and Hong Kong, with a week in the USA afterwards, so weather will be mostly pleasant, averages between 20 and 30 degrees.

Here are my packing choices!

BOTTOMS – blue skinny jeans from Target, black mini skirt from K Mart, 2 pairs of black leggings, dark denim shorts from City Chic.

TOPS – 4 black tank tops for layering, black cardigan and grey leopard jumper from Paper Scissors, striped long sleeved tee  and black floral sleeveless blouse from K Mart, mint sleeveless blouse from Valley Girl, black and teal studded sleeveless blouse from Charlotte Russe, black sheer blouse from Sussan and a navy and aqua love heart tee shirt from Mix Apparel @ Coles.

I recently brought an all weather jacket from Rivers, water proof, wind proof, with adjustable sleeves, a hood and hidden protected pockets.

DRESSES – Multi coloured striped casual dress from Charlotte Russe, dark grey graphic print dress from Valley Girl and a floral sun dress from K Mart, all able to be worn on their own or with leggings and a cardigan or jumper. I like dresses that can be day or night and even flying gear and sleep outfits for overnight trains.

ACCESSORIES – I’m taking 2 scarves, one navy, khaki and white patterned, one plain aqua-green. For shoes I’m taking my favourite black Havaianas, black and white Converse,  plain black flats from Target and some strappy flat black sandals from K Mart.


Currently Wearing…Essence ‘That’s what I mint!’

Currently Wearing...Essence 'That's what I mint!'

Obsessed with… Daisies

Isn’t it awful when you take something into the change room that you have just fallen in love with and it turns out terribly hideous? If you are size 12 and under and your brain is saying right now: ‘no not me, everything I put on looks amazing!’ then I would get out of here right away before I throw a chicken wing at you. Or a whole chicken depending on my mood.

I found this gorgeous mini skirt from Kmart (I know, I know) that was mainly black with a white and yellow daisy pattern on it with a thick elastic waistband. Ooh stretchy I thought! I like stretchy…. wait this isn’t too stretchy, this can’t be the biggest size… that won’t even go over my hips…riiipp.

Uh oh. I did get it it up on my waist, but I had ripped the side in the process. Dam you stretchy waist band illusion. Quick, return skirt to rack and go look busy in the stationery aisle. I must have disturbed some bad shopping karma.

Luckily I found a super cute long style daisy cardigan @ Valley Girl  to satisfy my daisy needs (which I didn’t even know I had until I ripped that Kmart skirt in the change room).

How cute is that clock and those plimsolls! (Well they are from New Look so I need to use the proper English term… plimsolls, love it.)

Obsessed with…Summer Dresses

Obsessed with...Summer Dresses