Latest Wears…

Outfit One: Art Show Opening Drinks at Danks St Studios.

Outfit Two: Baby Shower



Weekend Outfits…

Navy patterned dress with red for football presentation night (discovered sheer bodice section is very see through in photos – oops!)

Pink animal print skirt with yellow accessories for family lunch (discovered this ring can do some damage – to myself and others. The Artist called me a ninja!)

30 Days of Accessories Challenge – Day 12

So you may have noticed I skipped 2 days. I didn’t accessories for 2 days as I didn’t leave the house. Well for 2 and a half days. Ahhh holidays.

Look I got dressed, but I didn’t accessorise. Okay I did throw on an old brown scarf at one point for warmth. And some Uggs.  Yeah I agree, it doesn’t count for the challenge.

But look – This outfit was worn on Saturday. I got dressed. I brushed my hair. I even did make up. But most importantly, I left the house!