About Me

Just another confused female muddling her way through life, love, travel, food, fashion and the other 3419 perils of living in the 21st century.

My name is Justine and I live in Sydney Australia. I live in a cute apartment decked out in red, white and black with the Autistic cat, Stormy. My other cat Jezebel refused to come live in an apartment ( I know, how rude) so I visit her weekly at the Parentals.

I am a teacher by day who loves travel, food, fashion, art, sport, shoes, photography, writing, cooking, markets, shoes, reading and shopping. My partner is The Artist, whose exceptional talents you can find here, here and here.

To see my travel adventures click here.

To see my gallery of art and photography, click here.

To see what I get up to with my class, click here.

To read more of my teaching escapades, click here and here.

Social Media:  Twitter @BeaverCity,  Pinterest,  Polyvore



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