Laksa attempt 39

I love a good laksa!  Its always on my Instagram rotation, see below.


I’ve attempted a few at home, with mixed results. Last week I tried a simple one from the The StoneSoup blog, which was recommended by a bestie. What a great blog!  This recipe is from her FREE downloadable ecookbook if you sign up. Love it!

I added prawns to Jule’s 5 ingredient vegetarian laksa. Because they’re prawns. And you know how I feel about prawns. And if you didn’t you do now.


Step 1: Chop veges. IMG_4760

Step 2: Heat laksa paste and pour in coconut milk. How awesome is my cool spoon rest!


Step 3 : Reread recipe. Yes it’s that simple!


Step 4: Add veges and prawns. Simmer.

IMG_4768Step 5: Serve and Enjoy!


More Baking Shenanigans

I usually make my pizza on pre-bought pita pockets or Lebanese bread. My stomach wanted pizza tonight. Nothing to use for bases. What to do?

Hey I’m on holidays and have time – let’s make pizza dough from scratch! Too easy.

Though it tasted a bit too floury. Like crumbly floury.  Think I like my skinny thinny base and heaps of topping style pizza better.


100 recipe books collecting dust

I love recipe books. I love finding new dishes that taste yummy. But most nights my dinners come from an unknown, slightly successful, at times disappointing recipe collection called ‘My Brain’.

You know the process – look in cupboard/fridge/freezer, pull out random items and place together on plate. Optional extra is to cook things first.

Tonight’s brain determined mash up was a success: Prawn Pockets, with corn cobs!

Today’s Outfit

Mixing my favourite orange shoes with blue. Complementary colours unite!

Love styling summer dresses for cooler days. Hence the stockings (I confess, stockings were actually added for fuzzy legs covering. But they did keep me warm at night!)

Where: Dinner date with The Artist @ Chilli Sha Sha Thai

What: Dress, Cardigan – Glassons / Shoes – The Shoe Warehouse  / Jacket – Just Jeans

Today’s Outfit

I struggled to find ways to style this skirt, its not very forgiving on flabby stomachs, but the stretchy fabric is oh so comfy.

I must have had a win though as I had 5 separate people compliment me, including my mother – who is usually a harsh critic!

Where: Work, M&Ds for dinner

What: Skirt: K Mart / Cardigan: SES Fashion  / Shoes: Spendless Shoes

Replace Lard with Larb

Tried to do a nice healthy dinner courtesy of Weight Watchers’ cookbook – “Cook It Quick”  – Chilli Beef Larb. Didn’t have any mangoes for the salad though. They still cost about $7.00 each, bring on summer!

Note to self: The word ‘Chilli’ in the recipe title indicates a degree of hotness. Not sure why you were so surprised that it was spicy. Verdict – yum with a side of messiness!

The Recipe!                                                               My Attempt!

What is this strange place?

Tonight I discovered a part of my apartment that had gone unnoticed for the last month or two. When I finally rediscovered it, I had to carefully reacquaint myself, easing my way in. Oh the wonders I found! Colourful pictures, tantalising smells (and some not so tantalising), strange shaped objects, I was inspired!

And thus, I had a moment of creation! Who knows, I may even venture back to this strange little corner for more creativity and more discoveries!

So what, dear reader, is this strange place?

The Kitchen!