Essential Holidays…

5 days to go until I head off to Beijing to start my 21 day ‘Essential China’ tour with G Adventures. Can’t wait!

Encounter the essence of China in all its wonderful diversity—climb the Great Wall and stare down the Terracotta Warriors before heading down south on this 3-week tour of China’s cultural and natural highlights. Rest your gaze on the giant Buddha of Leshan and explore ancient mountainside monasteries at Emei Shan, then float down the world-famous Three Gorges of the Yangtze River before stepping out to experience the vibrant rural life and stunning scenery of Yangshuo. With your accommodation and transport arranged by our expert CEOs, this adventure offers up a great combination of must-see highlights and free time to explore on your own.

Packing sorted, visa received, flights purchased, travel diary ready for action!

essential china


7 Day Holiday Packing

Tomorrow I leave for a 7 day holiday to Western Australia. The primary reason for going is to attend a friend’s wedding, but I have decided to make a bit of a holiday of it, seeing I have never visited that region of Australia before.
The forecast for the cities of Perth and Busselton for the next week are warm days up to 28 degrees, with cool nights getting down to 14 degrees. Quite a range, and a bit of a packing challenge.
Obviously the first thing I needed to sort out was my wedding day outfit, which was easy as I had bought a new dress from City Chic deliberately for the wedding, a purple base with a hummingbird pattern. It’s gorgeous! Once I worked out shoes and accessories for that outfit, I turned my attention to the rest of my packing.
I always like working around a colour theme so I know that everything will coordinate whilst travelling, all tops go with all bottoms, and all accessories match too. As my wedding day dress is purple I decided to go with purple shades paired with neutrals, mainly black and white.
7 Day Holiday Packing
I took 5 bottoms: purple coloured jeans, loose fit black and white patterned pants, a denim skirt, black and white ikat shorts and a black and white striped skirt.
I took 4 long sleeved tops: A 3/4 sleeve black blazer (as my wedding day coverup), a purple long sleeved knit top, a black cotton cardigan (not pictured) and a beige with fluoro flecked bejewelled sweater. I haven’t worn this sweater yet as I bought it at Nordstrom Rack last October and it hasn’t been cool enough in Australia yet to wear it. It doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but it’s gorgeous on!
I took 5 short sleeved tops: A black sheer short sleeved blouse, 2 purple cotton tops,  a black tank with lace detail and a striped tank. I threw in 2 extra black tanks for layering and pj wearing.
I took the wedding day dress and also a monochromatic print dress, that can be worn with leggings (not pictured) and the blazer if it gets cool. I threw in my purple scarf too.
For shoes I am taking flip flops, flats, converse and wedges. Wedges for the wedding outfit of course, and the cons for big walking days or any bush walks.
I aim to have heaps of different clothing combinations from the 17 items I packed. I tried some pairing using polyvore, looks like I’ll be set!

Skirt Pairings for Warm Days

7 Day Holiday - Skirts (warm)


Skirt Pairings for Cool Nights

7 Day Holiday - Skirts (cold)


Dresses Pairings

7 Day Holiday - Dresses


Long Pant Pairings

7 Day Holiday - Pants (long)


Short Pant Pairings

7 Day Holiday - Pants (short)


How To Pack for 31 Days Away

What do you pack for a 31 day holiday? When you are traversing two continents? When you will encounter temperatures from 7 degrees to 37 degrees celcius, with snow and extreme humidity? When you will do 7 flights (9 if you lose your passport)? When you will be sunbaking, hiking, shopping, dining out, going to the theatre, visiting temples, attending conventions, trekking through jungles, walking on glaciers? When you can only take a backpack (as stated by the tour company)?

Gosh if there was such a simple answer. I feel I’m getting pretty good at packing for overseas trips now. Tip No. 1 – Check the forecast and climate details of your locations. I needed a thick warm jumper for the Canadian rockies, but also need soft light cotton dresses for South East Asia. I was covering all weather, all seasons and due to my tour company on the second half of the trip, could only take a backpack (much prefer a suitcase).

So I was limited in what I could take, for sure. And also wanted to do as much shopping as possible! Tip No. 2 – Sometimes it pays to send a box of goodies home through the post rather than paying exorbitant airline fees for extra bags. Especially if you are away for a number of weeks and don’t want to carry stuff around.

In terms of packing clothes, I chose the colour pink as my accent colour to go with a range of neutrals – black, white, grey and denim.

I took a grey knitted jumper, a black long sleeved top and a hot pink cardigan.


For tops I took two black and white print tees, a dark pink singlet/tank top with a love heart in studs, a black textured singlet/tank, a plain black and a plain pink tank/singlet. I took a silky sleeveless blouse with a pink leopard print pattern.  


For Bottoms I took a pair of dark denim shorts, dark denim jeans, black jeans, black leggings, a denim skirt and a pair of peacock feather patterned pants.


I took my warm purple parka, a black cotton dress and a maroon and black patterned dress.


I was lucky enough to stow the parka and one pair of jeans in my boyfriend’s bag after the first 2 weeks, before travelling to Asia as he was heading home early. Made some more room for shopping!

Accessories and Shoes – I took some black thongs/flip flops, pink patterned flats and sneakers. My first task was to buy a pair of converse in the USA, which I did. If not I may have taken an extra pair of walking shoes. I also bought 2 pairs of flats too. The clutch bag was used to store jewellery in it in my bag, then doubled as a handbag for dinners out. I took one scarf for sarong/wrap/scarf/blanket purposes. Bought lots more in Asia too.


IMG_2271 IMG_2848 IMG_4344 havaianas-top-flip-flops-black-pic34377

Recent Overseas Purchases

I do like to shop… and I do like to travel, so shopping while travelling is a win win situation for me. Especially when amazing bargains can be found.

The only dilemma is carrying what you buy. My bags get so stuffed it is impossible to carry them! Oh and if you have the unfortunate debacle of having a backpack stolen. True story for another day.

This trip I was savvy and sent a box of shopping home from the US, since I still had to backpack my way around South East Asia.


Here are some of my recent buys!

Colour Fest Day 13 – Vivacious

Vivacious Pantone
I have so many clothes in this colour range, love a bit of deep pinky fuchsia to brighten the day. Love my soft leather $15 handbag above, and my pink top with the built in necklace!
Can’t wait to try out my new love heart sweater from Mix@Coles!
This is the base colour for my 31 day trip, starting tomorrow, packing is a mix of pinks, blacks, whites and denims!

Across the Tasman

I’m off to Wellington, New Zealand for a few days. How exciting, to use my passport again!  It’s more glamorous than it sounds, just going to spend some time with some of my family.

The weather forecast says a maximum of 14 degrees, with winds and rain also on the forecast. Real Winter Weather! Calls for some warm clothes, a big scarf and boots.

My packing travel colour scheme was blue and purple, with neutral items in black and denim. I am planning on doing some shopping when I get there so I went with a bigger than needed suitcase so I have plenty of room for any purchases!

Packing haul looks like this:


IMG_4927Black jeans from Crossroads, dark denim jeans from Katies and patterned purple stretchy jeggings from Rivers, with a pair of black leggings.


IMG_4928Purple sweater and purple parka from Cocolatte, Blue Jumper from Valley Girl and Black sparkly jumper from K Mart.



The necessary black singlets, with a blue one thrown in for layering, purple top from Revival, black top with mini stars from K Mart, black long sleeved top from SES Fashion and Aztec print sleeveless blouse from Cotton On.


My trust colourful scarf that feels like its about 7 metres long, perfect for wrapping around my neck several times and a denim dress/pinafore from Cotton On. Blue vest from Crossroads, homemade beanie  (thanks mum!), Paisley dress from Living Doll, purple tights from Ambra and my grandmothers antique leather gloves. IMG_4935

All my shoes are from K Mart (sad I know!) But the flats were $8!  I bought 2 pairs. Plus my birthday purchased Basque blue hand bag.



Sometimes I take too much jewellery and never bother wearing it. Other times I take too little and get bored with only one pair of earrings. But I justify that as I have so much jewellery, I better take lots and get the most out of it!

Packing all done! Bon Voyage!


Carry on, why don’t you?

Last weekend I booked an impromptu flight up the coast to hang out with one of my best friends. 2 nights, 2 days, with lots of staying inside talking, eating, talking about eating, general hanging out behaviour. Maybe a trip to the shops or markets. Maybe a meal out. Who could say?

So booking last minute meant trying to cut costs. Step 1: Fly budget. Step 2: Take Carry On.

Three words I’ve never braved before, carry on luggage. Never really been able to pack so tight and snug that I could waltz past the carousels and be on my way. It does seem that nowadays on these budget flights EVERYONE takes carry on, those overhead lockers are bursting and some people’s bags must be pushing the weight and size limit.

So how did I downsize my packing to carry on only? By taking multi-purpose clothes, minimal accessories and staying to a colour scheme (as usual).


Tops: Black 3/4 sleeve top, black singlet, pink leopard print blouse, paisley pink shirt, black  sparkly jumper, pink blazer.

Bottoms: Black jeans, denim skirt, black leggings

Extras: Black and white galaxy print dress, thongs, pink flats, black boots (not pictured), pink handbag, pink & black & white jewellery.

I had to cover sitting around on lounges to possible beach walks, to wet and dreary weather to maybe a night out. I got all this into a pink leopard print overnight bag, with toiletries, phone charger, notebook and magazines. Not bad!

But did I have enough clothes? Always a possible drama. Of course… but that might be because we hit the shops and I got a few too many extra items! I did get all my shopping into the bag and the handbag on the way home too. Keen to try ‘Carry On’  again soon!

IMG_4486 IMG_4487