From Beach to Bar

From Beach to Bar

I just bought these dark pink heels from Tatyana Retro boutique on Melrose Ave. They were on sale for $39.00, and they are just gorgeous! Not too high with a little ruffle. They are by the brand But Another Interesting Tale. Can’t wait to wear them!

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Obsessed with…Summer Dresses

Obsessed with...Summer Dresses

Colour Fest Day 8 – Emerald

Pantone Emerald

Not quite aqua, not quite green, emerald sits smugly in the middle. Matching the swatch from Pantone to my wardrobe was surprising – not much actually matched!

Too aqua, too turquoise, too green, too blue, too dark, too light, ooh this matches… oh that’s right that doesn’t fit. Like half my wardrobe. Sigh.

In other observations that mug is awesome, and pretty much sums up my life, if you consider ‘make stuff’ to be faffing around online and in the wardrobe whilst watching Next Top Model.

Sure, I make stuff.

Spring Shopping



My first ever Polyvore ‘set’… 

A Set = Fancy talk for bunch of stuff that looks like a magazine page!Spring Shopping

So I’ve discovered – online fashion spread making – I heart! (Plenty of wasted hours ahead…)

So I decided I would make one for the latest shopping ventures, today for some clothes and Saturday for beauty courtesy of ‘s LOOK BOOK event.

And yes, I bought more shoes, the exact same pair as my red kitten heels, now in nude!