Currently Wearing … Manicare’s French Pink

There is nothing more classic than a French manicure, but ain’t nobody got time for that at home. I received the Manicare nail set which has a white, pink and clear polish. Most times I just end up wearing the French pink colour on my nails on it’s own.

It goes well as a neutral or a matchy matchy colour with pink outfits. I have recently purchased a pink suede jacket from Rivers Australia and a pink jumper from Harris Scarfe, which I think I will pull out this week to go with my new French pink nails.

Summer Reading Booklist

I am trying to do more reading. I love reading, but as I lack self control in so many areas (TV, shopping, food) I find that I get so absorbed in a book that it takes over my life and then I forget to sleep! And as someone who lacks sleep as it is, reading when I am working can be hazardous.

So I usually reserve reading novels for holidays. But one of 2019 goals is to try to read more, and be strict on reading a little each night. One way I will be able to keep myself reading is joining a book club! I was invited to one my friend runs, who meet for an Italian meal every six weeks to talk books and life in general. Sounds perfect, and that’s just enough books for me to keep reading all year.

I read books so fast that I can’t justify buying them. So my second strategy this summer was to join my local library and download their online Apps so I can read eBooks on my iPad.

I received a book for Christmas and caught up on some books I purchased at second hand bookshops through the year that I forgot I had!

Here’s what I have read so far in 2019.

The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton

I really enjoy Kate Morton’s long epic stories of families and mysteries. This was one of my Christmas presents and I eagerly spent many days lying by the beach devouring her latest story, about a missing woman, an old historic house and a modern tale of love and longing. Like the other Kate Morton’s books, I was so captured until the end, where I felt a little let down, like the hype didn’t quite live up to the reveal. I felt the same way with The Lake House


The Shifting Fog by Kate Morton

This Kate Morton was a bit difficult to get into, as the layout changed from chapter to chapter. However, I think it was my favourite story by Kate Morton so far. I just love getting drawn in to the character’s lives, and dipping into England’s past and old homes, which seems like Morton’s classic formula for a good long novel.


Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

A great book by Lisa Jewell in the popular genre at the moment of ‘girl disappears’. A bit morbid when you consider the story line, but an enjoyable and easy read. I wasn’t warming to all characters and it was a little too coincidental, but I was intrigued to find out how the story ended. 


Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

This book by Gail Honeyman came highly recommended. I was reading it on my eReader and I find it is harder to get into those novels, as opposed to the physicality of holding a book (call me old-fashioned). I was soon hooked and felt endeared to the main character, even though other reviews didn’t warm to her. Her background of trauma and social awkwardness (which I perceived as Autism Spectrum Disorder) spoke to me, as these are day to day themes in my life as a teacher.


The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

This book by Jennifer McMahon was also on the lines of ‘missing girls’ and was spooky, in a Pet Sematary kind of way. I was hooked on the story line and enjoyed the historical flashbacks  finding out what happened, but I’m not sure I loved the ending, I suppose these ‘light horror’ books really aren’t my thing.


The Taxidermists Daughter by Kate Mosse

I quite enjoyed this Gothic thriller by Kate Mosse, which was quite different to the other novel I have read by her – ‘Labyrinth’. I also have ‘Sepulchre’ on my shelf to read next, which is linked to the story of ‘Labyrinth’.


Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

This was my first book club book of the year! I also asked for this one for Christmas, as I am a fan of Liane and have read all her books. I found this one a bit disappointing, especially the direction the book took in the middle, which the book club members agreed. There was also too many character ‘point of view’ chapters from my perspective, and unlike most of Moriarty’s novels, I wasn’t completely invested in any of the character’s stories. 


Heritage by Judy Nunn

I love Judy Nunn’s epic historical novella’s set in prominent periods of Australia’s past. This was no exception. I laughed, I cried, I mourned, I felt hope and was caught up in the story of the people who lived in Cooma during the construction of the Snowy Mountain Scheme. Highly recommended. 


The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

I’ve read a few Celia Ahern books now, most notably ‘Lyrebird’, ‘A Place called Here’ and ‘Thanks for the Memories’. I picked up ‘The Book of Tomorrow’ at a second hand book fair, and found it a bit dull and a bit silly. Also, Tamara was not a lead character that I can travel the book journey with, which I feel is key for my love of a book. I do like Ahern’s unusual story lines and will definitely keep an eye out for her new books in the future.


The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

This was another book I bought throughout the year that has sat on the shelf, waiting for Summer holidays. This was the second Kate Morton book I read and I was keen to read it. It followed the usual Morton themes of historical times in England, family saga, a secret and a mystery to solve. Again I was let down by the actual reveal, which is disappointing in a 500 plus page novel! However, her writing is enjoyable enough to keep me hooked.


My next two books are Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and The Pearl Thief by Fiona McIntosh. I look forward to keeping myself on track to read a little bit every week!


Currently Wearing – Ulta3’s Rustic Red

Last night I had a nineties formal themed 40th birthday party. It’s harrowing to think that my formal was in the nineties, 22 year ago to be precise. For Year 10 I wore a sweetheart neckline, long dress with spaghetti straps, a crepey material in a dark burgundy. For Year 12 I wore a black, Grecian style halter neck, long dress. Both would not fit me today at all, but I don’t have them anymore (thank goodness).

THE HOST of the party wore her year 12 dress. Let’s collectively hate her. So what was I going to wear? I raided my wardrobe for as many 90s items as possible. I came up with:

  • wrist corsage (a hair elastic with flower attached)
  • patterned pantyhose (that I ripped up the bum and threw out after the event)
  • sparkly earrings (though these aren’t super nineties, sparklies are a classic)
  • A black stole (sheer scarf thing with tassels, I have had this since the nineties!)
  • Vampy burgundy nails (Ulta3’s Rustic Red)
  • Black sparkly high heels (I had a pair similar that I wore to my Year 12 formal, but a friend borrowed them on Schoolies Week and stretched them, broke one of them in the arch!)
  • A burgundy gingham print dress with a sweet heart neckline (recently bought at SES clothes)
  • A choker  (but I didn’t end up wearing this, it was all a bit too much by now)
  • Wore some nineties classic perfume, LouLou by Anais Anais

I over bronzered my face, threw my hair up and curled the pieces left out to frame my face. Classic nineties, we called them security curls, as girls always needed some hair out when their hair was up. Ta da!



I lasted all of an hour in my heels, but thought my efforts were pretty good!

I love the nail polish so much I’m carrying it into this week! Inspired by burgundy, maroon, oxblood etc. See below!


Peachy vibes today!  I am wearing my new “Life’s a Peach” undies from MeUndies. These were a gift from a close friend who lives overseas! There are a few of us girls, travel buddies, that are nicknamed ‘The Peaches’ so this gift was so appropriate! We were ordering peach flavoured alcoholic mixers back in Vietnam, January, 2009 and the waitress was saying bitch instead of peach. So funny, to say, hello, another bitch please! So The Peaches were born.

I’m panda peach, and there’s puppy peach, kitty peach and monkey peach. So inspired by my peach knickers here’s a mood board all about peach fashion and beauty!

Stars Upon Stars

I’m back! Not quite Polyvore, but Fashmates is pretty much the exact same interface and concept. So here is my first Fashmates set. Tomorrow my work is having a funky Friday fundraiser, where we get to dress funky. But I am going out after work, so my funkiness needs to be toned down enough to be seen in public.

So i am wearing a number of items that are black with white stars, but most can be taken off so I can be a person who doesn’t get weird stares while in an Indian restaurant.

So here’s my first set inspired by tomorrow’s outfit!

Liking, Loathing, Noticing – September 2018

Liking: One week to holidays! Yumi’s Hummus – so good on Pita bread, Beach walks around the headlands, proper sleep ins where I am not woken up by my partner, my cat or my brain…

Image result for yumi's hummus 

Loathing: Not getting my weekend sleep ins, I mean seriously why I am awake on Sunday morning at 6am? Realising that the closure of Polyvore meant that all my blog posts that were posted from Polyvore are missing their images, making my blog look so sad. Appalled that they closed the site and app with NO NOTICE, over 20 million uses lost everything. I myself had over 100 polyvore sets. Gone forever!


Image result for polyvore

Noticing: We have a bunny in the backyard! He(?) is so cute. A little brown one that eats the grass. I think I will call him Barry. Barry the bunny. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was in South America! It was such an epic month. Today a year ago I was having a 17 course degustation menu at Central restaurant in Lima! My social media and website preferences come and go. Sites and apps I used a lot are now sitting idle. Instagram has definitely stood the test of time and is still my favourite social media platform! I may need to look into a Polyvore fashion flat lay alternative…