Daily Yoga

I am embarking on a quest to try to complete some yoga daily. Well at least 5 times a week. I have attended some Yoga, Body Balance and Pilates classes at my gym but always feel rushed to get to the classes on time. A few months ago I discovered the world of Youtube Yoga Land… and began with searching youtube for some beginners’yoga videos, even those 10-15 min long, if that was all I could fit in. There’s so many out there!

One of my favourites is Yoga with Adriene. I’m currently doing her 30 day Yoga Camp. This fortnight of holidays I’m going to try to do it every day!


I won’t lie, I find some of Yoga quite challenging, especially as I am carrying extra weight. Having recurring knee injuries and damage from my car accident also means some poses are too much strain on certain body parts.

But the beauty of doing it at home (and something Adriene encourages in her videos) means I can modify however I like, no judgement! I also feel like being right in front of the TV with your own instructor ensures you get the poses right, something you often miss from the back of the fitness studio.

Hopefully I can get all 14 days completed, with a little Yoga each day!

And the cat seems to love Yoga, she’s so affectionate and rubs up against me in all the poses, weaving in and under body parts. Weirdo!


Wear Red..


Great advice Bill. I love red, clothes, shoes, makeup, house accessories! I love wearing red clothes, I always feel smart in red and it goes so well with white, black, navy.

And I may have over 5 pairs of red shoes… and maybe two pairs of black shoes with red bows… but I mean c’mon – red bows!
Wear Red..


Bali Prep!

Bali Prep!

In 3 days I am heading off to Bali, Indonesia for the first time! It’s hard to imagine sunny humid days when its bitterly cold here in Australia. I’m currently working out my travel wardrobe. Maybe pink shades? With black and white? A rain poncho, a hat and insect repellent are absolute musts!

To do list:

  1. Seminyak! Where we are staying🙂
  2. Beach bars and sunsets
  3. Ubud and the rice fields
  4. Monkey Sanctuary
  5. Elephant Safari
  6. Temples!
  7. Shopping…