Colour Fest Day 1: Acai

Day 1 – Acai

I chose a relatively safe combo to kick start Colour Fest. I already have a lot of purple, especially like Acai (Pantone 19-3628).

Pantone Inspired - Acai

Today purple leggings, a paisley dress with a mix burgundy, purple and orange, a purple sweater, tan boots I had made in Vietnam and bronze coloured accessories. Too easy!



Across the Tasman

I’m off to Wellington, New Zealand for a few days. How exciting, to use my passport again!  It’s more glamorous than it sounds, just going to spend some time with some of my family.

The weather forecast says a maximum of 14 degrees, with winds and rain also on the forecast. Real Winter Weather! Calls for some warm clothes, a big scarf and boots.

My packing travel colour scheme was blue and purple, with neutral items in black and denim. I am planning on doing some shopping when I get there so I went with a bigger than needed suitcase so I have plenty of room for any purchases!

Packing haul looks like this:


IMG_4927Black jeans from Crossroads, dark denim jeans from Katies and patterned purple stretchy jeggings from Rivers, with a pair of black leggings.


IMG_4928Purple sweater and purple parka from Cocolatte, Blue Jumper from Valley Girl and Black sparkly jumper from K Mart.



The necessary black singlets, with a blue one thrown in for layering, purple top from Revival, black top with mini stars from K Mart, black long sleeved top from SES Fashion and Aztec print sleeveless blouse from Cotton On.


My trust colourful scarf that feels like its about 7 metres long, perfect for wrapping around my neck several times and a denim dress/pinafore from Cotton On. Blue vest from Crossroads, homemade beanie  (thanks mum!), Paisley dress from Living Doll, purple tights from Ambra and my grandmothers antique leather gloves. IMG_4935

All my shoes are from K Mart (sad I know!) But the flats were $8!  I bought 2 pairs. Plus my birthday purchased Basque blue hand bag.



Sometimes I take too much jewellery and never bother wearing it. Other times I take too little and get bored with only one pair of earrings. But I justify that as I have so much jewellery, I better take lots and get the most out of it!

Packing all done! Bon Voyage!


Today’s Outfit

Really liking my Purple Jeans ! Remembered I had this aqua, coral and purple Aztec print top. A great match.

The only bummer about today was that my ring slipped off, gone forever I’m afraid! Sad face. I lose so much jewellery. That’s why I buy it cheap. These earrings cost $2.50!


Where: Work   What:  Jeans – Crossroads / Shirt – Jay Jays / Blazer, Shoes – K Mart

Today’s Outfit

The blazer and shoes make me feel corporate, well as close as I’ll ever get seeing as I don’t work in a corporate field. Corporate was a weird choice for a Saturday too.

But the purple jeans and pink singlet make this outfit a whole lot less serious, like I’m sucking on a lollipop (while in a board meeting.. that’s my kind of meeting!)

Where: The Artist’s for dinner

What: Jeans and Singlet: Crossroads / Blazer: K Mart / Shoes: Target

Purple V. Orange

I’ve always loved purple but lately I’ve been rocking orange!  Which I discovered needs to be done in small doses, too much orange is a bit harsh on the eye!  Love a good black and white outift, but accessories… purple or orange… so hard to choose!Purple V. Orange

30 Days of Accessories Challenge Day 4 – Beaver v. Comic Con

Queuing for 2 hours requires comfy clothing and these shoes barely made the grade. Luckily in between our Comic Con mission we went and had a long lazy lunch at The Merrywell.

Here’s what I wore:

And here’s what we ate @ The Merrywell:

And for the record… I did not fit in at Comic Con at all …. Purely there for research purposes!