Colour Fest

It seems like it is always this time of year when I need a challenge of the wardrobe variety. Somewhere between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, where I need something else besides my muddled brain to help choose what I wear each day. In 2011 it was Shoesapalooza. Last year the 30 Days of Accessories Challenge.

This year, it’s Colour Fest!

I’ve always loved wearing colour, and my wardrobe has many different tones and hues. I’m pretty lucky that I look good in nearly all colours – brights, pastels, jewel tones… everything except bone/camel neutrals, which tend to wash me out.

This year it’s less of the rules and restrictions, and more of a challenge to create outfits based on a colour family. I won’t be limiting myself to ticking off a colour each day, who knows – I may just love a colour combo so much I wear it for a week!

So the general idea is that I’m going to pick a colour from the Pantone Spring or Fall Collection for 2013, and base my outfit around it.

Here are the selected colours for Spring.

pantone fashion spring colours 2013And here are the Fall colours (or as us Southern Hemispherians call it – Autumn).

pantone fashion fall colours 2013

Already I see that some of those colours will be a challenge as I have little of them in my wardrobe!  I can use clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery to base around those colours, it’s less of wearing one colour head to toe and more of making that colour the standout of the outfit.

I do know a lady who wears shades of purple to work every day. Whole outfit. Head to toe. Purple every day. She reminds me of a big juicy plum or grape. Cool? Weird? Still undecided.

Wish me luck!




30 Days of Accessories

To say that I am addicted to accessories is an understatement. I’ve always stuck by my mantra that I’ rather collect something functional than a collection of cat figurines or stuffed animals.

Which is why my smallish apartment is bursting at the seams with jewellery, shoes, scarves and bags. Accessories are also my favourite thing to buy when travelling, they make for a great talking point and usually pack nice and small!

Last year to keep me on my toes (literally!) I embarked upon Shoesapalooza. I pledged to wear 30 shoes in 30 days. Which I succeeded. Starting a holiday and having a bit more time (a little bit more) I felt like it was time for another wardrobe challenge.

But seeing as I’ve upped the shoe collection (plus the rest…) I decided I need to give myself a bigger challenge!

Today is the beginning of the 30 Days of Accessories Challenge!

So combining my shoes, scarves and jewellery I pledge to only wear an item once in 30 days.

Of course there are some rules (it’s my challenge and I can do what I want to)

Rule 1: Like last year, ugg boots, sneakers, soccer boots, gum boots and thongs are excused.

Rule 2: Unlike last year, being the heart of winter and freezing, I’m going to allow myself 2 wears a week of my knee high boots, for warmth purposes only!

Rule 3. I can only re wear an item (except for boots) if I am wearing 2 outfits in one day.

Rule 4. I will be imposing a shopping ban for the last 25 days, I am off to Melbourne for 5 days, and don’t think for a duckling’s second that I won’t be shopping in Melbourne! (The Artist is less impressed with that plan… He can sleep in and I’ll hit the markets!)

Rule 5. My everyday watch is excluded from the challenge – I need it for work and don’t have enough watches to last 30 days (Ok I have 10, but 3 don’t work and.. oh okay, yes I do realise that is a lot of watches….)

Wish me luck! Let me know if you are embarking on a similar challenge or maybe a 30 by 30 challenge with clothes?

And as this is a place of honesty… I will admit. (Deep breath) I own:

38 rings

56 pairs of shoes (plus 8 thongs, 3 sneakers, 2 ugg boots, gum boots and soccer boots)

43 scarves

96 necklaces

10 watches


172 pairs of earrings

(Woah… Breathe out.)

Moving On…Here is Day 1!

The Aftermath…

Ahh freedom…

The last 2 weeks I have been able to wear any shoes I want.  What a change from the Shoesapalooza challenge where I felt every day’s outfit was dictated by my shoe choice!

And of course I’ve reverted to some old habits. Like not really thinking and just grabbing the same 2 pairs of black flats. Naughty, I know, I can hear you now like a patronising parent ‘hasn’t this experience taught you anything!’

I obviously have too many pairs of heels for a girl who wants to wear flats everyday to work. I am on my feet most of the day so comfy shoes are essential. But heels are so much more fun to buy! I will need to change this way of thinking.  I have worn the red patent kitten heels twice this week, they are definitely going to become one of my favourite pairs of shoes, and are just the right kind of heel of me.

I’ve had some suggestions to do the same kind of challenge but with my many many handbags, or over 100 pairs of earrings, or my 30+ dresses and 30+ skirts.

Blogging fodder for the next 2 years maybe?!

Shoesapalooza Week 5

Saturday – Boots from ‘The Strand’       Another London purchase, end of season boots for only 10 pounds!  Bargain!  Probably the tallest boots I have.

Sunday – Gladiator Sandals     A ‘Personal Admin’ day of shopping etc, comfy jeans and sandals please!  These are great for summer dresses when thongs are too casual and heels are too dressy.

DAY 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Monday – Summer Sandals     Well I made it!  30 pairs of shoes in 30 days. Incredible. But back to today’s pair. I would wear these about 3 times a week in summer to work, the classic black, flat sandals. Still a bit cool at the moment so these go great with wide black pants.

The challenge is over, but what didn’t make the grade?

The following shoes were not worn during the 30 days, mostly heels. I realised that I must love buying heels, but wear flats a lot. So I promise to wear these heels in the next few weeks, nights out only.

Another pair didn’t get worn because they are too lose, so need to see the cobbler to tighten the straps, as I do love them.

Still more didn’t get worn as they only go with one or two items of clothing in my wardrobe (ok, ok, poor purchases I agree). Or I just am not that keen on them (yes yes, time to recycle) Or they’re more summer shoes and it’s just a bit cool right now.

And the sparkly Dorothy number?  They are so special they are more like display items than wearables!  A few weddings coming up, maybe I’ll wear them  then !   🙂

Shoesapalooza Week 4

Saturday  –  Cork Wedges      A day out and about called for these comfy heels, shame that the bottoms are wearing a bit. Re mixing the paisley top from dinner last night with a denim skirt and leggings, staying in the city means re mixing a few core items!

Sunday   –    More Red heels     Clearly I am just a little obsessed with red shoes, Dorothy obsession aside. Just heading out for a BBQ so put on these little heels, perfect for days of not much walking…  I love heels, but they are not the comfiest shoes to wear.

Monday   –  Skater Slides       Off to camp today, so rocking super comfy flats for bus trip, high ropes course and bushwalking. These little delights were from Shelley’s in London, and are usually found in my soccer bag to put on when the boots come off!

Tuesday   –   Channelling  Giselle      I bought these Ipanema flip flops / sandals in a dodgy shoe shop in London’s East Ham back in 07. Way before Gieselle was the face of Ipanema, I think they were a bootleg pair, found in a plain box and only 10 quid!  For 6 weeks trekking around Eastern Europe they were perfect for night to day backpacker elegance.  Today, they are going kayaking!

Wednesday   Sneakers today, last day of camp.  Back to Shoesapalooza tomorrow!  Day 26!

Thursday  –   Sensible flats      Sometimes I feel like these are like those sensible shoes you buy at chemists. My mum has several pairs. Despite their comfy appearance, they seem to drag and stick a bit, and I have been spotted almost tripping a few times whilst wearing them.

Friday – Pink Cowgirl Boots    I bought these in Amsterdam in 2005 for 100 euros, and love them! They always get good feedback too!

Shoesapalooza Week 3

Saturday – More boots…   These are just a tad too big, perfect with stockings and socks. Matched with my favourite dress, from Living Doll in Melbourne. Too bad this outfit never made it out to dinner, dining in!

Sunday – Golden Heels    Can’t remember where these come from, but another pair of strappy heels, I have heaps like this! The favourite jeans are getting a work out because they are the only ones that fit they look so good, and another bargain top from Kmart – $10!

Monday -Black flats     I go through phases with these shoes, didn’t wear them for years, then went nuts wearing them as my favourite stockings match, and have gone off them this winter. Since winter is over this week, thought I’d squeeze them in!

Tuesday – Pointy Flats    Took me ages to buy pointy shoes, as someone with stumpy short toes, they appeared uncomfortable. If you find the right pair they don’t squash your toes, and these are fine. I find I can only wear them with long pants though, and not skinnies. Weird huh?

Wednesday -Dorothy Perkins Sparkle!    Ahh I miss Dorothy Perkins from my days of living in the UK. Along with H&M, River Island, Miss Selfridges, TopShop and New Look! These are so cute, but the slouchy sides mean they fall off a lot. I end up just becoming frustrated with them!

Thursday – White Kitten Heels    I have these in 2 colours, and as long as the back sling back doesn’t get too loose they will be fine! Very Spring like, perfect for the first day of Spring!

Friday – New Heels Again!      There were one of the pairs that spurred on ‘Shoesapalooza’, and I’m glad to finally wear them. Despite their neutral tones, I found it hard to create an outfit, but settled on a newish paisley top and a slinky pencil skirt for dinner in in the city 🙂

Shoesapalooza Week 2

Saturday – Everyday Boots   I’ve worn these heaps this winter, perfect as they have a flat heel. As The Artist and I were catching trains and ferries, they were perfect for a night out with lots of walking. It’s been hard not wearing these a lot, Shoesapalooza is now becoming a bit tricky, I have so many heels but want to wear flats everyday!

Sunday – Uncomfortable Blue Heels  Sure they have a small kitten heel, but they seem to pull a bit on the toe strap, and after a few hours they’ve rubbed a bit too much. So perfect for outings with limited walking and standing, such as today’s Sunday cafe breakfast.

Monday – White Kitten Heels       I cut the cross over straps off these long ago, they dug into the skin too much. They wear a cheap purchase at Balmain Markets, and my first pair of I Love Billy Shoes – big fan now!  They have so many colours across the band it’s easy to find matching items.

Tuesday – Neutral Ankle Boots    I keep putting these on and then taking them off, I don’t love them enough as my knee high boots, but they are all the rage and I saw a pic of Nicole Ritchie rocking a neutral pair and I was hooked. These stockings are so wild, so the rest of my outfit is toned down. I am realising that I am a bit too matchy with my colours. Need to revisit Jessica Quirk’s blog  (and fabulous book) and get some more mixing colour ideas!

Wednesday – Paisley Green Flats    These are a little uncomfortable as they pinch my heels, but are quite cute so I’ll take the pain! Trying to mix up my colours, after looking at other style blogs, realise I need more neutrals – tan, camel, beige, cream especially in shoes (no shopping!) and basics like singlets etc.

Thursday – Pink Patterned Flats    Today I am rocking two of my first overseas purchases, these flats I bought in London at Camden Markets in 2005, also bought on the same trip a baby pink sweater from Switzerland. Perfect with leggings and a denim mini!

Friday – Vietnam Boots Version 2   Another pair I had made in Hoi An. Great flat pair for work today and then through into dinner at night. Paired with my gorgeous etsy skirt – a birthday gift from a stylish ’50s chic’ Canadian friend!