Pink and Purrrrrrrty

Pinky and Purrrty
I wore a navy dress on Monday with peachy pink shoes and a peach and navy fabric flower brooch. I bought the dress from Modcloth and hadn’t worn it yet as I just didn’t love it. I sized up, but the dress came with plenty of stretch so I could have probably gone a size down. It also was quite big around the shoulder and chest area (a common problem for me; seeing as if I order size 16/18 or 2XX I am supposed to have a large rack…uh, no).
Trolley Tour Dress in Navy
I finally decided I wanted to wear it to work as I was looking for something to wear with the bird print fabric brooch. I sighed as I got up and looked at the brooch, if only I had a plain navy dress to wear this with… hang on I do! (Occupational hazard of a female with over 80 dresses, you forget what you have!)
The dress looked cute with the brooch and shoes, as well as a peach bird print necklace – see below. But I was still not sure I loved my figure in the dress. Running out of time, I decided to go with it, it was only work anyway.
The dress was certainly comfy, a nice knee length and had pockets! So that made me feel better. Amazingly, I had 5 people compliment me on how I looked. It’s funny when you aren’t necessarily ‘feeling’ it but others ‘see’ it. And by ‘it’ – I mean that age old argument of look good, feel good, or is it feel good, look good? I certainly felt better about the dress after 5 compliments. I mean who wouldn’t?
West 4th Studio Noosa Heads and Eumundi Markets, Sunshine Coast | Long Chain Pendants:
Inspired by that look, I planned another outfit with the Modcloth dress, maybe this time with baby pink?
And cat accessories. Because cats always make things better.

Autumn Favourites

Autumn Favourites


It’s Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere and my Birthday was last week. Here are some of my favourite things lately, either purchased or received as birthday gifts.

I got three scarves for my Birthday. I always get scarves as they are new out in the shops when my Birthday rolls around. This year I got a pretty paisley print silk scarf from my family that was bought in New Zealand, a red die-cut stole from Glamour Hanger from my future in-laws, and a berry snood from Factorie.

Nutrimetics had a gift with purchase this month of a smokey eye shadow palette and its just the best, the perfect mix of colours (I have so many palettes but this one is my new favourite). I also scored a Rimmel scandal eyes shadow stick in Bad Girl Bronze for $5.

I wear black flats a lot and recently decided to upgrade to a better quality pair. I got a pair from Target Australia in there comfort range, and then couldn’t go past these cute aqua flats.

Loving my gifted insulated drink bottle from EarthCo. Keeps cold water cold for about 4 hours! The website says 12 hours, but its not that cold after 4. Plus the bottle does not get cold or wet on the outside. I am obsessed with drinking cold water so I love this. Also love my new Typo and Kmart plastic reusable bottles.

I have been on the search for a new denim jacket for about six months and scored this light weight, soft fabric one from Rockmans for $40! When I was in there I also picked up this lovely purple front tie top and another blouse style top with a yellow to orange gradient.

Packing for 8 days

Packing for 8 days


After all these years travelling you would think that I would have got it right by now, packing just the right amount of clothes. Perfect for the occasions, activities and weather.

Nope, failed again. Why is it that I never seem to pack the right amount of tops? Every trip  – I get there and think – Oh no! I have no choices! What am I going to wear tomorrow? Sometimes the tops are not appropriate, too dressy or too casual, or they get sweaty or dirty and can’t be re worn. I must remember for future packing to pack my clothes and then add 2 or 3 more tops.

For this trip I have a pink knitted sweater, a black jumper, a casual pink blazer and a black waterproof jacket, which was plenty of things to keep me warm. Aside from my many black tank tops (purely for wearing under things) I took 3 black T Shirt style tops (one with writing, one with a pattern and one plain) and a pink sheer sleeveless blouse – that really has shrunk since it feels too short when I put it on.

I wore one of the black T Shirts on the plane, then one on each of the next two days, and the blouse out for dinner. Day 3 of my trip and I’m out of options!

I blame the weather. Even though the forecast was for tops of 14 degrees celcius (in my opinion – cold), the reality has been that it has been sunny and without wind so short sleeves are fine. So I was cross I didn’t pack more short sleeved options!

Oh hello shopping on day 3…. (typical!)

Next time I’ll get it right, I promise… ( though I feel I took enough dresses (2) and pants (4 pairs plus leggings).

Here are my accessories for this trip, shoes, swimwear, scarves and jewellery. I also have a few  earring choices too.


August Favourites

August Favourites

Love my new uplifting message cushion that I got from Kmart, only $10! In Kmart I also got this cute black and silver hinged bangle.

On my recent mini break (only 3 days 😦 ) to the Sunshine Coast, I visited the Eumundi Markets. Bought so many lovely things, many for gifts for upcoming birthdays. For myself I got a lovely hand crafted ring created from an antique silver spoon, with my initial on it. I also got 3 prints from Page Turner, who makes wall art and other crafts out of antique dictionary and encyclopaedia pages. A similar company makes them on Etsy. From West 4th Studio I got two of these circular pendants, made from Japanese paper designs. I also bought a hand painting rock necklace from Unique Stone Art. Seriously I think Eumundi Markets are one the best markets in Australia!

Just finished my shampoo and conditioner set from Make Shampoo, the Make Voluminous collection.

Loving my new eyebrow colour palette and nude eyeshadow in ‘My favourite tauping’ from Essence.

Wanted… Cat Flats

Wanted... Cat Flats
I have been eyeing off cat themed shoes for a while now, seeing as I have an unhealthy obsession for all things cat related. My friends encourage this obsession, every time they see something cat related it gets purchased for me, jewellery, wall art, book ends, make up purses.
Obviously I don’t mind! Here’s to getting some kitty flats to honour my gorgeous cats, Stormy and Jezebel.

July Favourites

July Favourites
I purchased the Benefit They’re Real! push up eye liner in black about a year ago and last month got some of the purple liner. The Benefit sales girl gave me a winged liner (which I can never do properly to myself) and it looked awesome in purple! My attempts to recreate it have been okay but not as good as hers!
Will keep practising.Love the cat pun tee from Miss Shop at Meyer. Because puns + cats = my kinda clothing.
I thought at aged 36 it was time to upgrade to a ‘top of the line’ foundation, and what better than with MAC? Very happy with my Mineralise Moisture foundation.
Loving buying new takes on the good old black jumper, like this colour block one from Paper Scissors.
I was gifted these gorgeous Zohara tights, can’t wait to wear them! Love hearts!
Bought these (window pane? Is that the right phrase?) black and white pants from Katies. I think they will be a bit too stretchy with time. Hate when pants get like that.
Grabbed some $2 mason jars from K Mart with cute striped straws. Because, you know, $2. And some $6 candles. Ok clearly I should not be allowed to go to K Mart alone.
Getting a lot of wear out of my cute B.A.I.T ‘But Another Interesting Tale’ red and black flats. Good purchase!
Love a good face oil, like Trilogy’s Rosehip oil but this new product ‘Face Hero’ by Go-To Skincare is very very good. Smelly-nicey-luxurious-warming good.
Still not sure how I feel about powders. After using a loose powder for a few months I thought I would try a pressed powder and scored this Rimmel one for $6.
Novo shoes were having a sale. Big sale. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now…
For more shoes…