Currently Wearing – Ulta3’s Rustic Red

Last night I had a nineties formal themed 40th birthday party. It’s harrowing to think that my formal was in the nineties, 22 year ago to be precise. For Year 10 I wore a sweetheart neckline, long dress with spaghetti straps, a crepey material in a dark burgundy. For Year 12 I wore a black, Grecian style halter neck, long dress. Both would not fit me today at all, but I don’t have them anymore (thank goodness).

THE HOST of the party wore her year 12 dress. Let’s collectively hate her. So what was I going to wear? I raided my wardrobe for as many 90s items as possible. I came up with:

  • wrist corsage (a hair elastic with flower attached)
  • patterned pantyhose (that I ripped up the bum and threw out after the event)
  • sparkly earrings (though these aren’t super nineties, sparklies are a classic)
  • A black stole (sheer scarf thing with tassels, I have had this since the nineties!)
  • Vampy burgundy nails (Ulta3’s Rustic Red)
  • Black sparkly high heels (I had a pair similar that I wore to my Year 12 formal, but a friend borrowed them on Schoolies Week and stretched them, broke one of them in the arch!)
  • A burgundy gingham print dress with a sweet heart neckline (recently bought at SES clothes)
  • A choker  (but I didn’t end up wearing this, it was all a bit too much by now)
  • Wore some nineties classic perfume, LouLou by Anais Anais

I over bronzered my face, threw my hair up and curled the pieces left out to frame my face. Classic nineties, we called them security curls, as girls always needed some hair out when their hair was up. Ta da!



I lasted all of an hour in my heels, but thought my efforts were pretty good!

I love the nail polish so much I’m carrying it into this week! Inspired by burgundy, maroon, oxblood etc. See below!


Currently Wearing… Sally Hansen’s Pixel Pretty

Loving this teal nail polish by Sally Hansen. A little glitter, a little sheen. Inspired to wear teal clothes too!


Peachy vibes today!  I am wearing my new “Life’s a Peach” undies from MeUndies. These were a gift from a close friend who lives overseas! There are a few of us girls, travel buddies, that are nicknamed ‘The Peaches’ so this gift was so appropriate! We were ordering peach flavoured alcoholic mixers back in Vietnam, January, 2009 and the waitress was saying bitch instead of peach. So funny, to say, hello, another bitch please! So The Peaches were born.

I’m panda peach, and there’s puppy peach, kitty peach and monkey peach. So inspired by my peach knickers here’s a mood board all about peach fashion and beauty!

Scarf-a-thon – 72 and We’re Done!

The final scarves! I have worn every scarf I own, except for 3 I’m getting rid of and one I will be travelling with for a month, so it will get worn a lot while I’m away.









This geometric print rarely gets worn. The print is of flowers.










A present one birthday, thin and silky.










Another Kmart number, orange and blue.










My mum bought this is New Zealand during Scarf-a-thon. So it had to get worn in the challenge!










A really old birthday gift, navy and pink knit.










I bought this from Accessorise in Vancouver in 2010.










A classic Kmart animal print that works as a neutral. Hence why I took it to South America!










This was another one bought in China, when I went Scarf crazy in 2014.










Another NZ gift, complete with paua shell!


So there, Scarf-a-thon 2017 is done! I can’t believe I committed for so long, impressive. Now what will next year’s wardrobe challenge be?

Scarf-A-thon – 64 and counting!

Well I’ve done it! 64 scarves worn, in, you guessed it – 64 days! Check out my latest 16.









More butterflies…. this one is pretty, worn out for a walk!










Lovely jewel tones in this scarf from Camden, London. Bought on my first big overseas trip!










Another Bali purchase, red and purple…










I think this was a Kuala Lumpur purchase, Chinatown shopping!










Pretty sure this was a Kmart number. Lots of colours.










Another owl print, this was a birthday gift.










Anchors! Kmart? I have so many blue scarves…










Large knitted snood. Love the knit on this.










Polka dots, bought in Melbourne!










More butterflies, with my new unicorn brooch.










A random throwback, this scarf was bought in Istanbul 10 years ago!










Another Kuala Lumpur purchase, they were super cheap!










Love this one, no idea where it came from? Holiday purchase, gift?










I bought this lovely scarf in Cambodia back in 2009.










Thin and silky, this one is prone to fall off. I ended up knotting the front.










This lovely silk number is from Vietnam. Kept it in place with my cat badge!

Scarf-A-Thon Post 3

Another 12! I have decided to go to 48, and any scarves not worn after that run the risk of being donated or thrown out. Only fair I think?

Anyway, here’s 25 to 36!










A bright, orange floral print that I bought in Melbourne about 5 years ago.

I always have to buy scarves when I go to Melbourne!










Lovely cream and colourful butterflies. I think this is from KMart.










Subdued pale lilac with a grey tree branch pattern. I think this could have

been a gift? Worn with maroon.










Purple and plaid! I have had this scarf for a long time, no idea where it came from!










This was a gift from my mum. Loved how it matched my tights!










Orange and Zebras, what’s not to love?










Black, red and turquoise, a gift brought back from India! Scarves are

the best souvenirs.










Lovely grey-blue plain scarf I bought in China. I bought a lot of scarves in China…










Another Bali buy. Worn out bush walking!










This is a fabulous scarf. So long and warm! Bought from Cotton On.










More butterflies! I think this was a gift from a colleague one year.









This was a birthday gift about 8 years ago. Well worn and looking a bit

sad, perfect for wearing around the home.


See you soon for the final 12!