Accessory of the Week: Very very long scarf

I got this scarf on special at Cotton On last winter as part of a 3 for $10 deal. Bargain! The 3 scarves I bought for $10 are among my favourites, and I have a lot of scarves!

It’s super long, you can wrap it around 4 times. Very snug, and great colour combo, goes with everything!

Colour Fest Day 2 – Turbulence


I don’t usually wear head to toe greys and neutrals, but sometimes for work I want to wear a more muted, classic outfit – especially if off site mixing with other professionals. I just bought a grey leopard print blazer from SES Fashion, for $16.00! Bargain. The lilac/grey infinity scarf was also a new purchase, for $6.00 from Paper Scissors

Throw on some skinny dark denim jeans and classic silver jewels, then contrast with a Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain for a bright lip!

Turbulence - patone

Favourite Accessory This Week

I have a lot of scarves. Way to many. This one has been on rotation lately. A simple knitted turquoise number with sequins and velvet woven through. What’s not to love?

I bought it in Dingle, Ireland in 2007. It was about 30 euros, which really is expensive for a scarf, but I think it was worth it as I love it so much. Well I do get carried away while shopping when travelling.

It just needs to be a bit longer. You know those scarves that are too long for one loop round your neck, but too short for two? Annoying (first world problems…I know)! Especially those snood things, infinity scarf things, I have one that just won’t go around twice without choking me. But one loop looks like a bib.


202 Can i have a castle for my wedding








And speaking of first world problems, what’s the solution with trying to wear a scarf and a necklace together? My necklaces seem to hibernate in winter as scarves get prime neck real estate…

Is it poor neck etiquette to wear both?

Clearly these are the sorts of questions that keep me up all night.

More Accessories – Beyond the 30

So my 30 Days of Accessories Challenge is over, but I am still challenging myself to wear different jewellery, scarves and shoes. Here are some of the items I have worn over the last few days:

And since technically the shopping ban ended at day 30,  here are some recent purchases!

Wanted: Navy or blue shoes – to go with those outfits that have no black so black shoes are out.

Found: $12 (yes twelve dollars!) cute flats at K Mart

Along with never-knew-I-needed-them-but-know-I-can’t-live-without-them $8 pink snake skin flats and Missoni inspired print flats for $19.


Wanted: Ogling these purple triangular earrings at Lovisa for weeks. Can’t justify spendage (plus I was on a ban!)

Found: On Sale!  Two items for $10!

And of course I bought more, it was 2 for 10 after all!


Wanted: Subtle, orange accessories to go with my rockin’ orange heels

Found: Awesome bangle stack – also part of the 2 for 10 deal!

Ahh shops… it’s good to be back 🙂


The Final Hurdle… Days 25-30

Well out here in Beavercity the Accessories Olympics are drawing to a close. 30 days of wearing different accessories has covered all medals: gold, silver, bronze – in the style of my jewellery of course!

I did cheat a couple of times (Yes the IOC are onto me) and wore the same shoes twice, but trying to do a shoe related challenge when you have an ankle injury and cannot wear most of your favourite heels requires a little bending of the rules.

I think I will keep going past the 30 day mark with wearing different accessories, but will relax on the shoe wearing. I’m sure I still have over 140 pairs of earrings that didn’t get worn!

But to finish off,  here are some pictures of what has been worn in the last 5 days.

And I’m off to the shops!

30 Days of Accessories Challenge – Day 11

I always feel like an air stewardess when I wear silk scarves.  They always seem so glamorous, with their polished clothes, perfect hair and make up. It always makes you feel a little less glamorous too, when you wake bleary eyed from a 12 hour flight with eye goo and bad breath to the smiling, coiffed hair and sparkling face of a air stewardess. At that point even the stewards look better than me.

I love this scarf, bought in Vietnam but I didn’t really get the tying right all day, and it continued to slip around and slip off. You know, being silk and all.

Better go and watch some of those scarf tying videos again!

And in other fashion outfit news… ribbon watches seem like a good idea, but they are terrible to tie up and get the right tightness. Then when you do get the right tightness, it just loosens all day until you are so fed up you just take it off. True story.

I wonder if there are any ribbon watch tying videos on youtube?