Today I am Dreaming of … Waikiki







When: April 2016 for 1 day.

Why: Just a quick stop over between the ‘Big Island’ and our flight home. It had a great buzz, I’d love to go back and spend more time in Waikiki and explore the island of Ohahu.

What: All we managed in one afternoon was lunch at the beach and a trip to the mall!


Packing for 8 days

Packing for 8 days


After all these years travelling you would think that I would have got it right by now, packing just the right amount of clothes. Perfect for the occasions, activities and weather.

Nope, failed again. Why is it that I never seem to pack the right amount of tops? Every trip  – I get there and think – Oh no! I have no choices! What am I going to wear tomorrow? Sometimes the tops are not appropriate, too dressy or too casual, or they get sweaty or dirty and can’t be re worn. I must remember for future packing to pack my clothes and then add 2 or 3 more tops.

For this trip I have a pink knitted sweater, a black jumper, a casual pink blazer and a black waterproof jacket, which was plenty of things to keep me warm. Aside from my many black tank tops (purely for wearing under things) I took 3 black T Shirt style tops (one with writing, one with a pattern and one plain) and a pink sheer sleeveless blouse – that really has shrunk since it feels too short when I put it on.

I wore one of the black T Shirts on the plane, then one on each of the next two days, and the blouse out for dinner. Day 3 of my trip and I’m out of options!

I blame the weather. Even though the forecast was for tops of 14 degrees celcius (in my opinion – cold), the reality has been that it has been sunny and without wind so short sleeves are fine. So I was cross I didn’t pack more short sleeved options!

Oh hello shopping on day 3…. (typical!)

Next time I’ll get it right, I promise… ( though I feel I took enough dresses (2) and pants (4 pairs plus leggings).

Here are my accessories for this trip, shoes, swimwear, scarves and jewellery. I also have a few  earring choices too.


Liking, Loathing, Noticing

Liking: Mini break and beach holidays! New piano music CDs – so relaxing. Anywhere yoga stretches, crunchy red/green apples, Scottish tablet fudge… drool. Eumundi markets on the weekend – so good. Trampolining – getting better and bolder! Photo a day challenges!

Loathing: 5 hours of commuting and waiting for a 90 minute flight. Being charged 50 cents for toilet rolls at holiday accommodation – when you’re only given 1 and a half rolls to start with to last you 4 days (yes – first world problems). Dieting not happening again – sad face. Must be stricter! 2 years of photos missing from iPhone?! Hope they are on the cloud, if I can ever find out how to get in.

Noticing: Petrol prices swing high and low depending on day and location. Spring is in the air, I can sense it! Every month someone on social media is on holidays overseas, which I get to live through via their photos. I love and loathe this simultaneously. My new candle (well new as in just lit) smells divine… fills the whole room!

Today I am dreaming of… Yosemite

When:       I’ve been twice, lucky me, winter and summer! With the temperature a cool 5 degrees I’m reminiscing of being there Christmas 2014.

What:       We stayed in a cabin at Bass Lake, then drove into Yosemite NP for day trips around the valley floor, Mariposa Grove to see the Sequoias and the ski fields. We lit the fire by night!

Who:        Christmas with The Artist. Loved our cosy cabin in the woods.

Liking, Loathing, Noticing

Liking: Air conditioning and ceiling fans… with temperatures soaring into the 40 degrees Celsius range, thankful for ways to cool down!

Loathing: Lack of sleep. At the busy end of my work year, so much to organise and little time means many of my colleagues, just like myself are seriously burning the candle at both ends.

Noticing: Tiredness definitely affects my motor skills, I seem to drop things and break things, knock body parts on various protruding pieces of furniture when I’m tired and stressed!

Liking: Upcoming holidays! Christmas time with The Artist, so looking forward to some quality time together.

Loathing: Price increases at holiday time. Why do flights to anywhere from Australia seem to cost so much! And hotel mark ups… The Artist thinks everything over $100 a night is expensive. Ha! These days that would barely get you a night in a hostel.

Noticing: The internet really knows you, like some creepy stalker guy you may have dated back in the 90s. One search through google and every page and social media site is bombarded for ads for the very thing you searched for! Remind me not to search for any feminine products, that can stay off my facebook thank you!

Essential Holidays…

5 days to go until I head off to Beijing to start my 21 day ‘Essential China’ tour with G Adventures. Can’t wait!

Encounter the essence of China in all its wonderful diversity—climb the Great Wall and stare down the Terracotta Warriors before heading down south on this 3-week tour of China’s cultural and natural highlights. Rest your gaze on the giant Buddha of Leshan and explore ancient mountainside monasteries at Emei Shan, then float down the world-famous Three Gorges of the Yangtze River before stepping out to experience the vibrant rural life and stunning scenery of Yangshuo. With your accommodation and transport arranged by our expert CEOs, this adventure offers up a great combination of must-see highlights and free time to explore on your own.

Packing sorted, visa received, flights purchased, travel diary ready for action!

essential china

Things I’ve learned … being sunburnt

1. You will guarantee to be burnt in Australian Summer in under 15 minutes if you don’t put on sunscreen. Unlike the gentle European sun, our rays are unforgiving!

2. Getting your face burnt as a teen leads to pigmentation and spots in your late 20s and 30s. This will be more annoying and disturbing than actual wrinkles, which is what you worry about happening to you when you are a teen. I wish someone had warned me about pigmentation – not wrinkles!

3. Burning the stomach area is super painful. I learnt this the hard way one Christmas Day and couldn’t walk, sit, breath, laugh, sleep without excruciating pain. Note to self, your young sporty cousins who live at the beach probably get their stomach out to the sun a lot more than your once-a-year-christmas-day-exposure of your pearly white belly. Just because they don’t put on sunscreen doesn’t mean you don’t!

4. There is something satisfying about tan lines. Sure they look rather ridiculous but its nice to notice you have got a tan. Though these days tanning is best done through a bottle or sprayed at the Salon. Which I love for those extra whitey bits (like the belly!) but my naturally tanned arms and legs can look extra dark!

5. When you have a great all over tan (such as one sprayed on) you just want to be nude. Or as close to nude as possible! Its true, skin looks slimmer with a tan, but please fake it!

6. I have been blessed with slow release tanning skin. If I do get  a natural tan, especially on arms and legs, my melanin hangs around for months, after a summer in Europe I think my tan stayed for almost a year!