Scarf-A-Thon Post 4!

Another twelve scarves worn! Getting down to the last few. Some have already been put in the donation pile. I can’t believe I still have some favourites left to wear. Check out the latest wearings:









This lovely silk number was a gift from my aunty. So many colours, it makes it difficut to match with.










I have lots of butterfly scarves. I actually lost my favourite one, another blue one the night we got engaged. I think it must have fallen out of the car out of my lap when we went for dinner. RIP.










I bought this scarf in the Dingle peninsula in Ireland in 2007. Love the velvet and sequins running through it!










A simple coral coloured one, gets a lot of wear with patterned tops.










Hedgehogs number 2!  A Christmas gift from a colleague.










Lovely tropical bird pattern. I think this was also a gift.










Classic black, white and grey. Oh and more butterflies. Always butterflies.










Pink and patterned, lovely with a white top and grey jeans.










Flamingoes! What’s not to love? Was this a gift? I think so…









Musical notes, another Christmas gift, this time from my boss.










This stole is so old, I’ve had it for about 20 years. Can be worn around the waist too. Glitzy!









I bought this as a gift for someone, then went back and bought it for me too! Love the colours.


So that’s 48 scarves in total! I’m going to get to 60, another 12 to go…


Obsessed with… Maroon

Obsessed with... Maroon

Call it what you will – oxblood, wine, maroon, plum, burgundy… this deep red colour has been a fashion winner for a long time. I am currently using it as one of my ‘travel colours’ on my 4 week sojourn in California (where the weather is cool so maroon works nicely).

Paired with black, denim, navy, white, cream, blush, maroon looks rich and warm. Can’t quite pull of a deep lippie though, end up blotting it in like a stain on my lips (which despite being referred to as ‘stain’ seemingly is gone with 2 hours!)

Colour Fest

It seems like it is always this time of year when I need a challenge of the wardrobe variety. Somewhere between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, where I need something else besides my muddled brain to help choose what I wear each day. In 2011 it was Shoesapalooza. Last year the 30 Days of Accessories Challenge.

This year, it’s Colour Fest!

I’ve always loved wearing colour, and my wardrobe has many different tones and hues. I’m pretty lucky that I look good in nearly all colours – brights, pastels, jewel tones… everything except bone/camel neutrals, which tend to wash me out.

This year it’s less of the rules and restrictions, and more of a challenge to create outfits based on a colour family. I won’t be limiting myself to ticking off a colour each day, who knows – I may just love a colour combo so much I wear it for a week!

So the general idea is that I’m going to pick a colour from the Pantone Spring or Fall Collection for 2013, and base my outfit around it.

Here are the selected colours for Spring.

pantone fashion spring colours 2013And here are the Fall colours (or as us Southern Hemispherians call it – Autumn).

pantone fashion fall colours 2013

Already I see that some of those colours will be a challenge as I have little of them in my wardrobe!  I can use clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery to base around those colours, it’s less of wearing one colour head to toe and more of making that colour the standout of the outfit.

I do know a lady who wears shades of purple to work every day. Whole outfit. Head to toe. Purple every day. She reminds me of a big juicy plum or grape. Cool? Weird? Still undecided.

Wish me luck!



Today’s Outfit

Really liking my Purple Jeans ! Remembered I had this aqua, coral and purple Aztec print top. A great match.

The only bummer about today was that my ring slipped off, gone forever I’m afraid! Sad face. I lose so much jewellery. That’s why I buy it cheap. These earrings cost $2.50!


Where: Work   What:  Jeans – Crossroads / Shirt – Jay Jays / Blazer, Shoes – K Mart

Maybe a little addicted?

So the chain stores are having MASSIVE sales right now. Apparently it’s to do with too much stock = GFC = insane deals.

I can’t help it, I’m a bargain hunter at heart!  I see sales signs and I’m drawn in. I think I need an intervention… Then again, I only spent $106 for all the goodies below, and a pair of ‘jeggings’ that I forgot to picture!

First I visited Cotton On, who had some crazy deals, like 3 scarves for $10! Yes I need 3 more obviously. And 3 items of jewellery for $10. I bought 3 packs of multi earrings, hearts, stars and gems, so 24 pairs for $10!

And I needed new leggings, so snapped up a deal – 2 for $20 (yes does seems a bit exxy compared to 3 scarves for $10!).

As I left the store I thought OK get out of the shopping centre, you are done!

Ooh, Crossroads sale from $5!  I’ll just have a peek…

Red and Black heart print top – $5!

Black feather pattern dress – $5!

Gorgeous sailor like cute 50’s red and black dress – $28

And was just about done, then saw my favourite jeggings that I own in black, in blue!  Most expensive purchase of the day at $39.95. (Soon to be released in colours!  Eek!)

Pretty good loot I thought!

Hello I’m Justine and I’m a shopoholic. But a cheap one at that!

Beaver v. The Wardrobe

After a combination of a collapsed shelf, two episodes of various next top models, and a trip to the shops where I purchased TWO pairs of new shoes, I decided to revamp and rearrange (read: clean) my shoe storage. In 2 wardrobes with 2 racks, one shelf, a basket of flip flops (thongs for the aussies, jandals for the kiwis) – I took a stock take of my shoes.

Here is what I found – An astonishing 42 pairs!  (That was after I put 4 pairs in the clothing bag for charity).  Not counting another 8 pairs of thongs, gumboots, 3 pairs of joggers, ugg boots and soccer boots!

I felt a range of emotions, I was proud, disgusted, confused, inspired, overwhelmed, guilty and then inspired!

After seeing other bloggers take part in the 30 for 30 challenge (where you wear 30 items of clothing for 30 days) I decided to give myself my own fashion challenge.

Introducing – Shoesapalooza!

The Aim: To wear a different pair of shoes every day for 30 days. I rationed that out of 42 ish pairs I could definitely find 30 I could wear every day.


1. Sneakers, thongs, ugg boots and soccer boots do not count.

2. Any pairs can be worn, but only once in the 30 days.

3. I can only re-wear a pair of shoes within the 30 days if on that particular day I wear 2 pairs of shoes (eg flats at work then heels at night).

4. Putting the shoes on and strutting around my apartment for 2 minutes then taking them off DOES NOT COUNT as a daily wear. No not even the sparkly red Dorothy heels.

5. No shoe buying of any sort for 30 days at least… The idea is to maximise what I already have not feel the need to buy more.

To keep myself honest, I’ll track this mission here.

Beaver v. Shoes begins tomorrow!

What I discovered while cleaning out the wardrobe

On the first day of my summer holidays, I cleaned out the wardrobe. Well, cleaned out every storage space that contains clothes, shoes and accessories. It took all day. Undie drawers, belt box, jewellery containers included, along with my 2 wardrobes. It must be a common end of year task as many bloggers took to their wardrobes to revamp and clean up. Here is what I discovered along the way.

1. Even though you own over 50 pairs of underpants you will only wear the same 10 favourite pairs. Bin the rest! Keep a few of those sexy ones, you never know when you’ll need to show them off…

2. You can have sizes 8-18 in your wardrobe and fit into any of them, depending on brand, cut, fit and stretchiness. Especially if you think ‘Yeah I  can wear this shirt open, without buttoning up’ and ‘I’ll just cut some holes here, and here…’.

3. There will be clothes so far deep that have never seen the light of day. Consider whether you want to keep them. Blow the dust off them first.

5. Christmas is the perfect time to purge the wardrobe and give away those that you don’t wear, charity begins at home (5 bags later….).

6. You can never have enough plain black tank tops/singlets.

7. Somethings still don’t fit. One day you say, one day.

8. If it was hip to the lip in 1997, chances are it’s not too hip now. Wait a few more years, everything in fashion will reappear again. Yes even that shocked blue pencil slit skirt from  Hound Dog.

9. Cleaning out the wardrobe is like sorting through old boyfriends. Or old dates. Aww how I loved these jeans. What did I ever see in this shirt? Oh these shoes takes me back to Contiki 2005. Why am I still holding onto this dress? It makes me look hideous!

10. If you haven’t worn it for 5 years because you need to sew buttons, fix hems, patch holes, and your sewing ability is akin to the skin of butchered heroines in horror movies, you will NEVER fix it. Time to go, time to go.

Wow, my cupboards are practically empty! Time to hit the shops. 5 dresses later, thank you Paper Scissors