Art Walk…Episode 3 – The Lounge Room (Part 1)

In my lounge room I’m building (slowly, slowly) a gallery wall, complete with lots of my favourite art pieces that I have collected since moving in 6 years ago.

The red glitter shoes photograph is one of my photos, printed as a box print from Still my favourite shoes, bought in London in 2007.

One of my favourite cities to travel to (and a place of fond memories) is Seattle. We loved the Pike Place Markets and I bought 2 ink and watercolour prints that show the signs above the market and post alley. Carried them back in my suitcase and bought some ikea frames for them. I always look up and remember my 2 trips to Seattle, and the amazing food at Pike Place Market!.

In Vancouver (on the same trip as when I bought the Seattle prints) I also brought the gorgeous red and black wild geese artwork, painted by Canadian artist Rick Beaver. Of course I had to buy it, as it was red and black (my favourite colour theme) and of course being a Beaver myself (such a groovy nickname).

The gorgeous paper butterflies were a gift my from one of my closest friends, who used to create and sell these at markets. Nowadays she runs a lovely homeware and stationery store in Kingscliff, Northern NSW. So lucky to have a beautifully crafted artwork from her!

And finally, my framed paper print of a red rose. A print of The Artist’s amazing oil painting. Check out more of his amazing oil paintings of flowers here. Such an amazing painter, so lucky to be my fiance!


I’m always on the lookout for more items to adorn the wall above my sofa, especially when travelling. I have a lovely cherry blossom artwork ready to be framed.

7 8



Fed up with lounging around town each Sunday and not making any plans, I cracked a mini dummy spit and told The Artist that we needed to pick up our A Game. As is Activities Game. We live in a fantastic city! I cried. The weather is awesome! I wailed. No more wasting the day or not making any decisions. I wrote a list of different things I would like to do on a weekend, so now I’ll set about to check them off. The Artist eyed me warily, unsure how he felt about my new found zeal. I think he’s hoping I’ll lose interest in the idea. Relax, I told him, I’ll engage in the foody and shopping activities with someone else!

So last Sunday we headed out on a glorious Autumn (can’t let go of summer yet) day to visit the Art Gallery of NSW and walk around the Botanical Gardens. Tick!


Views from the apartment                                                     St Mary’s Cathedral


Centrepoint Tower                                                      Art Gallery of NSW


Von Guerard                                                  Strolling in the Botanical Gardens


Andrew ‘Boy’ Charleton Pool                                          Amazing trees in the Gardens

I’m already planning this weekends Activities!

Rainy Arty Day Out

With wet weather cancelling my weekend sport, I managed to spend some extra time hanging in the city with the Artist. On Sunday we decided to walk (in the rain, how romantic) around Surry Hills and visit the Brett Whiteley Studio. I haven’t visited since 1995, and as he is one of my favourite artists, thought it would be great to revisit.

After visiting the studio (it was just like I remembered!) we walked back, grabbing some lunch before snuggling for the rest of the afternoon and watching the rain.

I was all inspired to take some snaps of the Surry Hills neighbourhood, it reminded me of sightseeing on a wet cold day in London, especially the area around the Angel tube stop!


No time to write

When I typed that heading it went no time to wrote, writt , write. That last sentence took 8 goes.

I guess report writing is off tonight, fingers not keeping up with brain.

There are many entries of Beavercity sitting in the vaults that I’d like to rehash for wordpress, but they need editing and my eyeballs are popping out at the screen like some bad nineties cartoon.

So Apologising to myself for no writing. Apologies to my cat for leaving her stranded for all hours (man this is why I got a cat – just amuse yourself!) Apologies to the hordes of fans who come to this site solely to see a photograph of two oceans meeting (always my most popular page – go figure?) Apologies to my hips & butt & gut for filling you with chocolate. Apologies for falling asleep too much.

Hope to see you here (and myself) more in July. Holidays!