Today’s Outfit: Leopard Elf

Today's Outfit: Leopard Elf
I really liked wearing this outfit. Much more than yesterdays. Yesterday I tried to do purple jean/leggings with a black high collared flowy top. I forgot that that top is a bit long and hence, too flowy. And my jeans are a bit big now so looked a bit like purple elephant legs, all loosey goosey. Nice.
But today I rocked it!  These pants always make me feel like an elf. Especially when I wear boots, but leopard flats? Well they’re practically a neutral here…

Carry on, why don’t you?

Last weekend I booked an impromptu flight up the coast to hang out with one of my best friends. 2 nights, 2 days, with lots of staying inside talking, eating, talking about eating, general hanging out behaviour. Maybe a trip to the shops or markets. Maybe a meal out. Who could say?

So booking last minute meant trying to cut costs. Step 1: Fly budget. Step 2: Take Carry On.

Three words I’ve never braved before, carry on luggage. Never really been able to pack so tight and snug that I could waltz past the carousels and be on my way. It does seem that nowadays on these budget flights EVERYONE takes carry on, those overhead lockers are bursting and some people’s bags must be pushing the weight and size limit.

So how did I downsize my packing to carry on only? By taking multi-purpose clothes, minimal accessories and staying to a colour scheme (as usual).


Tops: Black 3/4 sleeve top, black singlet, pink leopard print blouse, paisley pink shirt, black  sparkly jumper, pink blazer.

Bottoms: Black jeans, denim skirt, black leggings

Extras: Black and white galaxy print dress, thongs, pink flats, black boots (not pictured), pink handbag, pink & black & white jewellery.

I had to cover sitting around on lounges to possible beach walks, to wet and dreary weather to maybe a night out. I got all this into a pink leopard print overnight bag, with toiletries, phone charger, notebook and magazines. Not bad!

But did I have enough clothes? Always a possible drama. Of course… but that might be because we hit the shops and I got a few too many extra items! I did get all my shopping into the bag and the handbag on the way home too. Keen to try ‘Carry On’  again soon!

IMG_4486 IMG_4487


Liking, Loathing, Noticing…

Liking: Holidays soon. Bring. It. On

Loathing: Head cold. Nose that is almost bleeding from incessant blowing. urgh.

Noticing: You can wear pretty much anything you want and say ‘it’s the latest fashion’ and people agree. Even pink animal print with yellow jewellery.

Liking: Warmer weather, sunny days and cutie dresses.

Loathing: Not having time to get car washed. Crunchy car mats. Urgh.

Noticing: Wearing nail polish actually hides nail flaws and cuticles. Instant health pick me up.

Noticing: Miss S has fallen in love with the leather pouffe from Turkey. I think it’s because it stays warm from her fur. Cute!


Today’s Outfit

Really liking my Purple Jeans ! Remembered I had this aqua, coral and purple Aztec print top. A great match.

The only bummer about today was that my ring slipped off, gone forever I’m afraid! Sad face. I lose so much jewellery. That’s why I buy it cheap. These earrings cost $2.50!


Where: Work   What:  Jeans – Crossroads / Shirt – Jay Jays / Blazer, Shoes – K Mart

The Final Hurdle… Days 25-30

Well out here in Beavercity the Accessories Olympics are drawing to a close. 30 days of wearing different accessories has covered all medals: gold, silver, bronze – in the style of my jewellery of course!

I did cheat a couple of times (Yes the IOC are onto me) and wore the same shoes twice, but trying to do a shoe related challenge when you have an ankle injury and cannot wear most of your favourite heels requires a little bending of the rules.

I think I will keep going past the 30 day mark with wearing different accessories, but will relax on the shoe wearing. I’m sure I still have over 140 pairs of earrings that didn’t get worn!

But to finish off,  here are some pictures of what has been worn in the last 5 days.

And I’m off to the shops!

Shoesapalooza Week 2

Saturday – Everyday Boots   I’ve worn these heaps this winter, perfect as they have a flat heel. As The Artist and I were catching trains and ferries, they were perfect for a night out with lots of walking. It’s been hard not wearing these a lot, Shoesapalooza is now becoming a bit tricky, I have so many heels but want to wear flats everyday!

Sunday – Uncomfortable Blue Heels  Sure they have a small kitten heel, but they seem to pull a bit on the toe strap, and after a few hours they’ve rubbed a bit too much. So perfect for outings with limited walking and standing, such as today’s Sunday cafe breakfast.

Monday – White Kitten Heels       I cut the cross over straps off these long ago, they dug into the skin too much. They wear a cheap purchase at Balmain Markets, and my first pair of I Love Billy Shoes – big fan now!  They have so many colours across the band it’s easy to find matching items.

Tuesday – Neutral Ankle Boots    I keep putting these on and then taking them off, I don’t love them enough as my knee high boots, but they are all the rage and I saw a pic of Nicole Ritchie rocking a neutral pair and I was hooked. These stockings are so wild, so the rest of my outfit is toned down. I am realising that I am a bit too matchy with my colours. Need to revisit Jessica Quirk’s blog  (and fabulous book) and get some more mixing colour ideas!

Wednesday – Paisley Green Flats    These are a little uncomfortable as they pinch my heels, but are quite cute so I’ll take the pain! Trying to mix up my colours, after looking at other style blogs, realise I need more neutrals – tan, camel, beige, cream especially in shoes (no shopping!) and basics like singlets etc.

Thursday – Pink Patterned Flats    Today I am rocking two of my first overseas purchases, these flats I bought in London at Camden Markets in 2005, also bought on the same trip a baby pink sweater from Switzerland. Perfect with leggings and a denim mini!

Friday – Vietnam Boots Version 2   Another pair I had made in Hoi An. Great flat pair for work today and then through into dinner at night. Paired with my gorgeous etsy skirt – a birthday gift from a stylish ’50s chic’ Canadian friend!