Scarf-A-Thon Post 2

Here are the next 12 scarves I have worn for my 30+ day Scarf-a-thon! Still relatively easy to choose… though a few pattern clashing moments! I will be left with patterned scarves and patterned tops no doubt!









This blue, pink, white, black and olive scarf was a birthday gift a few years ago. It’s a great travelling scarf and debuted in China in 2014!









This lovely floral and bird print scarf was also a birthday present. Worn with a light blue jumper.









Plain blue, not sure where or who from. A trusty classic, worn here with my new Jacqui E dress to Disney on Ice!









A lovely suede feeling stole with die cuts. I have never worn this but I loved the feel of it, so will need to wear it again! Birthday gift.









This weird fluffy number has twisty elastic inside that you can wrap around itself. Sounds cool, but in theory it’s a bit short so it constantly unravels.









My favourite hedgehog scarf that I bought in China. We ended up teaching the Chinese stall owner how to say hedgehog in English. Wasn’t easy!









I think this beautiful scarf was a gift, but I can’t recall from who? I wore it with my scarf holder, first time! Love the deer charm on the end.









Plain red scarf worn with polka dots. This scarf gets worn a lot, red goes with a lot of my wardrobe. It’s from Target.









A Kmart number! Green fern pattern. Light, soft and big.









This pink, orange and yellow silk scarf must have been a gift but I can’t remember who from. It’s very high quality though!









Black and red scarf that I purchased from Bali last year.  Let’s not discuss how many scarves I bought in Bali…









This year I got this purple scarf for my birthday. Worn with a purple, white and black dress. I foresee this scarf to have a lot of use!


OOTD: Feline






– ‘Feline So Hot Right Meow’ T Shirt Miss Shop @ Meyer

– Casual soft jeans from Target Australia

– Cheap black flats from K Mart

– Faux Leather Jacket from Target USA


4 hour road trip to visit my parents, stopping at Fitzroy Falls, NSW to see the falls and the view


I’ve not really been into the statement T shirt craze, usually opting to wear plain tops. Actually I’m not really into T shirts for every day wear. I prefer my tops either more flowy or more fitted. But I do love a good pun, and a cat pun? Well I was sold on this T shirt for $18.00. And since we would be sitting in the car for 4 hours comfy clothes were a must, and these jeans are so soft and stretchy they could be leggings. But they’re aren’t leggings, or even ‘jeggings’, they are jeans so another win.


I just bought 2 more T shirts from K Mart and although this may seem obvious to some, but I think they would be perfect travel, especially when you are walking all day and sight seeing. I even avoid T shirts as a back packer, but then often have the wrong sort of clothing to go with my jeans and converse! Yes I’m a slow learner…

I love this jacket I got from Target in San Clementes, California last October, but I think it makes me look short!

OOTD: Navy and Polka Dots


Navy with polka dots

Navy with polka dots



City Chic navy dress with polka dot top

– No Boyz brand navy polka dot shoes with red bows, brought at Williams Shoes

Lovisa strawberry earrings

Steve Madden watch

Miss Selfridge red love heart necklace


Party for my niece, who is turning 2.


I bought this dress last week in the City Chic sales, half price! I hoped to wear it to my niece’s 2nd Birthday. The weather was chilly all week and I feared it would be too cold to wear on its own so I got the cardigan and leggings ready. But it was a gorgeous warm winter day, so no leggings needed.  I wore a red cardigan for part of the day, but in the sunshine I didn’t need it.



These were taken with my iphone 4s, so a little blurry. Desperately need a new phone!

Gosh my arms look big, they really should stay covered up until I lose some weight…  


Colour Fest Day 7 – Nectarine

Pantone NectarineIf you’d said that 5 years ago that I would end up wearing more orange in my outfit than a road worker I would have laughed out loud and thought you were a bit not right in the head.
But here I am, orange dresses, high heels, jewels, tops, flats, cheek and lip stains.
Loving it. Probably not right in the head, but loving it.

Colour Fest Day 6: Monaco Blue

Monaco Blue
I suppose this colour is to make you think of the Mediterranean Ocean, blue sparkling and shining, like the coast of Monaco, Nice, Cannes etc.
I visited the Cote D’Azur in 2005, and the water was a spectacular colour. I am currently loving royal blues, cobalt blues, monaco blues, probably as they have been dominating the fashion world for a little while.
I have a jumper in this colour and at the moment it’s getting worn every week without fail, dressed up or down.