Daily Food Fixes

At the moment I am trying to overhaul my eating habits and kick start some weight loss. I am making a conscious choice to not use the D word, so its all about daily food ‘fixes’ (not the other 4 letter word that has haunted me since my first trip to the dietitian aged 14).

So I am a foodie, I love food, my day generally revolves around my next meal/drink/snack/treat. And I completely self medicate with food – happy, sad, stressed, celebrate, drown sorrows – some reach for a wine, me its food.

Anyway at the moment, these are the foods that  are keeping me going each day and are generally low in calories. I am using an iPhone calorie counter app and aiming for between 1300 and 1500 a day.


Raspberries! Yes they cost 600 dollars a punnet but they are worth it: breakfast with yoghurt, mid morning snack, desert with Nutella.

raspberries  Instagram photo by beavercity - Love my new mug! #googlefun 

Peppermint Tea… It’s cold in the mornings and I really only drink tea in the winter and I am enjoying a nice mug of peppermint tea in my new mugs!

Ducks Nuts. These are my favourite of the snack food dried nut and fruit variety, and I can only locate them in one supermarket! Hence I bought 4 boxes…


Mountain BreadSo many varieties and can be with salad cold or heated with veges and cheese. I even baked them for homemade nacho chips.

Mandarins – Super sweet and easy to eat anywhere, as I do have a tendency to eat on the run, especially at work.


Go Healthy Me! (Sometimes I just have to encourage myself)



Oops, writing this post made me hungry…



13 for 13

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Or NY revolutions either for that matter. I’m not that good at sticking to strict guidelines and restrictions, especially the big ones like save money, lose weight. Which ironically are always top of my priority list.

But rather than resolutions I do like to give myself some simple rules and reminders. Last year I had the 12 for 12, some I met with moderate success, some I failed dismally. But as they aren’t resolutions, no one can hold me to it! Except myself, dammit! Me and my sucky willpower.

So here are my 13 reminders for 2013. Some are trivial, but upon reflecting over the last 12 months 33 years, these are things I do need to work on.

What are your 13 for 13 I wonder?

1. Tidy up things.         Living alone, it is easy to fall into cleaning ruts, especially when there are no scheduled guests arriving. Not dirty unhygienic style, more piles of stuff style. I read today the ‘rule of 5’ (probably on pinterest), whereas when 5 things in a group accumulate, stop and put them away. 5 dishes by the sink, 5 items of clothing on the chair, 5 empty water bottles by the bed, 5 bills on the table etc. Seems achievable!

2. Splurge on Quality Top Coat. Thanks to my recent nail polish obsession, I have a huge collections, though rather inexpensive. If you wear expensive top coat, your cheap $2 ulta3 colour lasts longer! Not to mention looks rather shiny. I’m out of my China Glaze one, though think I might check out the heralded Seche Vite.

3. Water my plants. No explanations necessary. No more dead herbs!

4. Eat Breakfast. Sounds too simple, but this has been my second diet ‘lifestyle change’ goal in 2012, since I successfully kicked the coca cola habit (4 months!). I’m terrible at eating when I wake up, especially on weekdays. So its my new goal, and I make it an enjoyable ritual, taking the last 5 mins before I run out the door to sit on the balcony, soak up the day and eat brekky. Hey – good time to water the plants while I’m there!

5. Pop pills. Well, seeing as I take some medication, I need to improve my habits of taking them every day. Aiming for after breakfast! And plant watering. Gee my mornings are going to be busy.

6. Use products. Bathroom checklist – probably have enough moisturisers to use a different one on my body every day for a month. So use them! Different one each day 🙂  Same with body wash (5 lined up in the shower, a different one each day) and hair products. Rotate between leave in conditioner, shine serum, hair oil and split ends treatment. Think that’s a better plan than putting in all hair products at once!

7. File stuff. Thanks to my recently purchased filing cabinet, I can now put things away in the correct folders instead of all being in a box! Just need to file 4 years of paperwork into the filing cabinet to get started. Sigh.

8. Un Match. Ask anyone (or read my blog) and you’ll see that I can get a bit too matchy matchy with clothes, accessories and even make up. Need to shake it up and change the colours, without overdoing it and looking too rainbow. It’s a fine line ladies.

9. Watch more music videos. Why, because I love them!

10. Find some zen time. I am always on the run but think I need to spend a bit more time being still (and ok, quiet). Not sure where or how yet, stay tuned.

11. Ok I’m back from watching music vids. Number 11 – buy less! Whatever I’m buying, spend less. Less make up, less groceries, less clothes, less take away. Try to live a more lean existence (and hopefully appear more lean).

12. Sort out my sleep. As an adult I’m rarely sleeping enough hours on weeknights. Everyone tells me to sort it out; Doctors, Specialists, caring friends and family. It doesn’t help that I can cope on 4-5 hours a night (though without the coke I seem to struggle more!) but I know that I need more, for my weight loss, my skin, my bags (of the eye variety) and my health. Think I better finish up this post and head to bed!

13. Say No. Always a yeser, a pleaser, a do gooder, a ‘it’s the right thing to do-er’. But after almost 34 years on this planet I need to turn down things now and then. Give me time to reboot. And I think I’m old enough to not do things I don’t want to do!

So here’s to a lucky 13! Wish me luck, and if you are taking on any new year’s resolutions or reminders/goals, good luck to you too!

Hits and Misses

I hate those days when you leave the house looking fabulous, or thinking you look fab, with a coordinated outfit, good hair and properly applied make up… but then spy your reflection throughout the day and think Whoa! Who is that scruffy, unkempt, overweight mule and what was thinking as she got dressed?

Today was a bit like that. Ok a lot like that. I have one of those eternally fabulous flattering bathroom mirrors, where you never look bad. Seriously.  I may need to install some more ‘real world’ mirrors. Or do I enjoy living in my subdued lighting, soft filtering bathroom mirror aura?

I was channeling these colour combos today, and thought I had pulled off a great look.

Here’s a general overview of my look today…


But by this evening’s function I felt frumpy, with my hair drooping and my skin dry and blotchy. Various reflective surfaces confirmed this. Urgh. Was happy to go home and get into PJs, hibernating with a bowl of Laksa and laughing in front of Big Bang Theory.

What was weird was that I love wearing bright colours and outfits, but tonight amongst staff from my field in more senior positions, I felt unprofessional and scatty in my blues and greens, with my jolly scarf and green fingernails. Ulta3 Mojito shade if you’re wondering. I found myself longing for my sleek black or pinstriped blazer, pencil skirt and subdued palette of scarves, tops, leggings. (I can picture The Artist wrinkling his nose at that outfit!)

This completely contradicts what The Almighty Zoe Foster wrote today about how bright clothing and makeup is such a mood lifter. Which I agree with. But sometimes I feel if I look bright and a bit out there, I receive more attention which can make me feel sub conscious or out of place; like today. Was it that I went too bright? (Hard, I know as bright colours and jewel tones are so in right now… coloured jeans, I’m talking to you too.)

Maybe I would feel equally as pepped up by just a swipe of bright lippie or just a bright scarf or bangle?  Or do I say, sod it, I love colour and I’m going to embrace it? Yes, that needs to be my attitude… which is easier said than done when you are clearly NOT having a good hair day (prob should have washed it last night) and you feel a little bloated and PMSsy, or are having a fat day, or have a big pimple!

Tomorrow’s clothes? Well I am going to rock my pencil skirt and ankle boots in a muted beige grey, but have some black and red tie-dyed stockings to really put some pow in my step!




What I discovered while cleaning out the wardrobe

On the first day of my summer holidays, I cleaned out the wardrobe. Well, cleaned out every storage space that contains clothes, shoes and accessories. It took all day. Undie drawers, belt box, jewellery containers included, along with my 2 wardrobes. It must be a common end of year task as many bloggers took to their wardrobes to revamp and clean up. Here is what I discovered along the way.

1. Even though you own over 50 pairs of underpants you will only wear the same 10 favourite pairs. Bin the rest! Keep a few of those sexy ones, you never know when you’ll need to show them off…

2. You can have sizes 8-18 in your wardrobe and fit into any of them, depending on brand, cut, fit and stretchiness. Especially if you think ‘Yeah I  can wear this shirt open, without buttoning up’ and ‘I’ll just cut some holes here, and here…’.

3. There will be clothes so far deep that have never seen the light of day. Consider whether you want to keep them. Blow the dust off them first.

5. Christmas is the perfect time to purge the wardrobe and give away those that you don’t wear, charity begins at home (5 bags later….).

6. You can never have enough plain black tank tops/singlets.

7. Somethings still don’t fit. One day you say, one day.

8. If it was hip to the lip in 1997, chances are it’s not too hip now. Wait a few more years, everything in fashion will reappear again. Yes even that shocked blue pencil slit skirt from  Hound Dog.

9. Cleaning out the wardrobe is like sorting through old boyfriends. Or old dates. Aww how I loved these jeans. What did I ever see in this shirt? Oh these shoes takes me back to Contiki 2005. Why am I still holding onto this dress? It makes me look hideous!

10. If you haven’t worn it for 5 years because you need to sew buttons, fix hems, patch holes, and your sewing ability is akin to the skin of butchered heroines in horror movies, you will NEVER fix it. Time to go, time to go.

Wow, my cupboards are practically empty! Time to hit the shops. 5 dresses later, thank you Paper Scissors



Couch to 5k….

I was disappointed to read that it wasn’t couch to 5 thousand dollars. Bummer.

No no, these summer holidays I thought I would take on the Couch to 5 kilometre challenge. A set training program that gets you from the couch (aka no running) to running 5 kilometres (or 30 mins). As I abhor running, this does seem ambitious. But the important thing to recognise here is that it is a cross training program, a set of guidelines for walking and running, and it’s just important that I start. Whether I finish the ten weeks is irrelevant, any running is better than no running!

So I downloaded the program and got all set for Week 1, which composes three 30 minute sessions. Easy! And it has structure. I like structure. Beats those days when I head carefree out to run, thinking ‘yeah I’m a runner’, and I can’t even make it once around the oval before I pass out.

So session 1!  Walk for 5 mins, then alternate between jogging for 60 seconds, walking for 90 seconds for 20 minutes. I head to the oval as I’ve never been that keen to pound the pavement, I get self-conscious when people watch me run (I’m using the term ‘run’ quite loosely too).

Woohoo!  After the 5 min warm up walk, I am running!  This isn’t so bad, I’m going to nail this. What? it’s only been 17 seconds of jogging? I’m stuffed. The 60 seconds of jogging becomes unbearable, with me counting down, then feeling elated as I get to walk for 90 seconds, which of course seem to go much quicker than the jogging. As I round the oval for the first time, a homeless man starts clapping and woo hooing, calling out “you’re coming first!!!” Great, an audience. I wave at him before leaving the oval and head out into the big bad world of footpath running. (Footpath jogging is a more accurate description. Or Footpath walking with short spurts of jogging). I develop a new route and surprisingly, I quite enjoy jogging around the neighbourhood.

I last the 20 mins, and am sweating up a storm. I’ve completed 2 sessions now. Will it get easier?

I now feel like 5km is way, way too ambitious. The program says the average person will do it in 10 weeks, but you can repeat a week if you are not ready to step it up. I’m looking at doing week 1 for a few months. Hey any exercise is good exercise!

And which ridiculous person starts a program like this in the week before Christmas?


Dieting 101

If no one sees you eat it, did you really eat it?

Anything you eat before exercising doesn’t count.

Yes you can definitely have chocolate as you only had vegetables for dinner.

Celebrating weight loss with take away is probably not desirable.

You will always feel thinner as soon as you wake up. Put off eating for as long as possible. If you pass out at 3pm, you may have waited a little too long.

Any exercise counts. Take steps 2 at a time. Get kinky in the bedroom. Dance around the room when a good song comes on. Do 5-8 elbow raises on a Friday or Saturday night, with a heavy cylindrical weight in hand, preferably filled with liquid.

Keep your fluids up. Especially bubbly ones.

Only visit the skinny mirror. Change rooms in department stores are NOT skinny mirrors. Not from any angle.

Laugh, cry, eat, complain, obsess, stress, eat, sleep, worry, measure, eat.

Disclaimer: Anyone who gets solid results from this dieting advice should probably sell their story on ACA.




I Heart Vegetables

Or so I keep telling myself. Fat Club says I’m to have 5 serves a day. Apparently green food in general is not a vegetable (bye bye green frogs, lime cordial, spearmint leaves and mint Aero bars).

So when I have eaten my way through the day and ran out of food points,  I have to reside to cooking with the least amount of fat club points possible. Veges = Free. Big Mac = Don’t do it.

So I am gradually getting creative with my servings (or meals) of carrot, potato, beans, corn, capsicum, eggplant, ice cream, zucchini …

Here’s tonight’s meal – vege bakey thingy with a little breadcrumbs, cottage cheese, skim milk and cheddar!

Have fallen off the wagon… and the old-fashioned wagon wheels have been hijacked by skinny models. Send help!

Mmmmm wagon wheels….