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Today I am Dreaming of… Mebourne Shopping

What: Victoria’s capital has always been renowned for good shopping. It never disappoints. Markets, Arcades, Alleyways, Boutiques. Fashion or food, I love it!

When: I always seem to go in winter. Rugged up, cold, perfect for hot chocolate and sales!

Where: I really want to go to the Rose St Artists Markets, haven’t been able to get there yet. Seriously though? Everywhere is good.

Who: Normally some girlfriends, perfect shopping partners. Taking The Artist last time proved difficult to get out shopping. Until he felt sick and wanted to stay in. Out I go!

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More Baking Shenanigans

I usually make my pizza on pre-bought pita pockets or Lebanese bread. My stomach wanted pizza tonight. Nothing to use for bases. What to do?

Hey I’m on holidays and have time – let’s make pizza dough from scratch! Too easy.

Though it tasted a bit too floury. Like crumbly floury.  Think I like my skinny thinny base and heaps of topping style pizza better.


Replace Lard with Larb

Tried to do a nice healthy dinner courtesy of Weight Watchers’ cookbook – “Cook It Quick”  – Chilli Beef Larb. Didn’t have any mangoes for the salad though. They still cost about $7.00 each, bring on summer!

Note to self: The word ‘Chilli’ in the recipe title indicates a degree of hotness. Not sure why you were so surprised that it was spicy. Verdict – yum with a side of messiness!

The Recipe!                                                               My Attempt!

QLD by Instagram

I want summer. Nearly all of me wants summer (not my fat bits 😦 )

After 5 days in sunny Queensland at Coolangatta, sunbaking, swimming and strolling in shorts and tees – IN WINTER!  I am ready for some warmer weather down here in Sydney.

Today I think we got it sorted for a little bit, it did reach 28 degrees!  Just before the strong winds and freak thunderstorm.

Some pics of the mini break!


Beaver v. Lasagne

What would you like for dinner?

Lasagne, he says.

Easy, I first thought. Just like mum makes, not too sloppy, not too dry, with a crispy top. I’ve made it before, evidently by the frozen lasagne sheets in my freezer. Though racking my brain I cannot for the life of me remember making it? Mystery pasta sheets indeed…

It was easy doing the mince mixture – a popular choice by The Artist for spaghetti. First attempt at bechamel sauce, how thick should it be?  what taste?

And of course the age old issue of trying to reduce a recipe for 8 down to 4, usually halving recipes for 4 to 2, but figured I’d have enough lasagne left over for a few more day’s lunches, or to feed a small African village, if they happened to come and stay.

Layered up and in the oven later, the next dilemma (common in my kitchen) is it cooked enough? Sticking skewers in is a favourite past time, but doesn’t actually help me!

Verdict – delish!  As good as my mums – and she is quite the cook. Apparently not as good as some other’s mums, everyone is mum-biased I think (except for those whose mum’s cook mash potato from powder. You know who you are.)

Oh, and I hadn’t made it before, the lasagne sheets were used to make cannelloni – lazy wrap it up style v. poke it in the dry shells style!

Dieting 101

If no one sees you eat it, did you really eat it?

Anything you eat before exercising doesn’t count.

Yes you can definitely have chocolate as you only had vegetables for dinner.

Celebrating weight loss with take away is probably not desirable.

You will always feel thinner as soon as you wake up. Put off eating for as long as possible. If you pass out at 3pm, you may have waited a little too long.

Any exercise counts. Take steps 2 at a time. Get kinky in the bedroom. Dance around the room when a good song comes on. Do 5-8 elbow raises on a Friday or Saturday night, with a heavy cylindrical weight in hand, preferably filled with liquid.

Keep your fluids up. Especially bubbly ones.

Only visit the skinny mirror. Change rooms in department stores are NOT skinny mirrors. Not from any angle.

Laugh, cry, eat, complain, obsess, stress, eat, sleep, worry, measure, eat.

Disclaimer: Anyone who gets solid results from this dieting advice should probably sell their story on ACA.