Pink and Purrrrrrrty

Pinky and Purrrty
I wore a navy dress on Monday with peachy pink shoes and a peach and navy fabric flower brooch. I bought the dress from Modcloth and hadn’t worn it yet as I just didn’t love it. I sized up, but the dress came with plenty of stretch so I could have probably gone a size down. It also was quite big around the shoulder and chest area (a common problem for me; seeing as if I order size 16/18 or 2XX I am supposed to have a large rack…uh, no).
Trolley Tour Dress in Navy
I finally decided I wanted to wear it to work as I was looking for something to wear with the bird print fabric brooch. I sighed as I got up and looked at the brooch, if only I had a plain navy dress to wear this with… hang on I do! (Occupational hazard of a female with over 80 dresses, you forget what you have!)
The dress looked cute with the brooch and shoes, as well as a peach bird print necklace – see below. But I was still not sure I loved my figure in the dress. Running out of time, I decided to go with it, it was only work anyway.
The dress was certainly comfy, a nice knee length and had pockets! So that made me feel better. Amazingly, I had 5 people compliment me on how I looked. It’s funny when you aren’t necessarily ‘feeling’ it but others ‘see’ it. And by ‘it’ – I mean that age old argument of look good, feel good, or is it feel good, look good? I certainly felt better about the dress after 5 compliments. I mean who wouldn’t?
West 4th Studio Noosa Heads and Eumundi Markets, Sunshine Coast | Long Chain Pendants:
Inspired by that look, I planned another outfit with the Modcloth dress, maybe this time with baby pink?
And cat accessories. Because cats always make things better.

OOTD: Feline






– ‘Feline So Hot Right Meow’ T Shirt Miss Shop @ Meyer

– Casual soft jeans from Target Australia

– Cheap black flats from K Mart

– Faux Leather Jacket from Target USA


4 hour road trip to visit my parents, stopping at Fitzroy Falls, NSW to see the falls and the view


I’ve not really been into the statement T shirt craze, usually opting to wear plain tops. Actually I’m not really into T shirts for every day wear. I prefer my tops either more flowy or more fitted. But I do love a good pun, and a cat pun? Well I was sold on this T shirt for $18.00. And since we would be sitting in the car for 4 hours comfy clothes were a must, and these jeans are so soft and stretchy they could be leggings. But they’re aren’t leggings, or even ‘jeggings’, they are jeans so another win.


I just bought 2 more T shirts from K Mart and although this may seem obvious to some, but I think they would be perfect travel, especially when you are walking all day and sight seeing. I even avoid T shirts as a back packer, but then often have the wrong sort of clothing to go with my jeans and converse! Yes I’m a slow learner…

I love this jacket I got from Target in San Clementes, California last October, but I think it makes me look short!

OOTD: Navy and Polka Dots


Navy with polka dots

Navy with polka dots



City Chic navy dress with polka dot top

– No Boyz brand navy polka dot shoes with red bows, brought at Williams Shoes

Lovisa strawberry earrings

Steve Madden watch

Miss Selfridge red love heart necklace


Party for my niece, who is turning 2.


I bought this dress last week in the City Chic sales, half price! I hoped to wear it to my niece’s 2nd Birthday. The weather was chilly all week and I feared it would be too cold to wear on its own so I got the cardigan and leggings ready. But it was a gorgeous warm winter day, so no leggings needed.  I wore a red cardigan for part of the day, but in the sunshine I didn’t need it.



These were taken with my iphone 4s, so a little blurry. Desperately need a new phone!

Gosh my arms look big, they really should stay covered up until I lose some weight…  


30 Day Travel Wardrobe

30 Day Travel Wardrobe
What to pack when you are travelling for 30 days? Unlike my last big trip to China which was strictly backpacks only, for this trip I took a big roller suitcase so I had the liberty of packing more clothes. I was heading into temperatures of 25 degrees down to minus 5 degrees, so warmth was clearly driving my thoughts as I packed (the day before too – so not like me!)
I chose the colours navy and maroon with a hint of purples and plums as my travel wardrobe colour theme. My knee high leather boots are plum coloured, and I took my navy flats. For heels/evening wear I chose black leather booties and for beach walks I took my Havaianas. I also took some sneakers for walking and hiking.
I took my favourite blue jeans and some navy jeans that I recently got from Rivers Australia, plus a navy mini skirt I also got at Rivers. I threw in 3 pairs of leggings, 2 black and 1 navy for lazing about in and to wear under skirts and dresses.
I took 5 different dresses that could be worn with leggings and boots, with flats or booties and cardigans and jackets or on their own with flip flops on warmer days. All featuring the navy, blue, red, maroon, purple colour scheme.
For tops I took a few different short sleeved and sleeveless blouses and tees that can be worn over singlets and/or under jackets and cardigans. I took a thin navy cardigan ($6 from K Mart – bargain!) and a maroon knitted cardigan. I also packed a long sleeved navy top and a jumper with sequins sewn into the knit.
Took a thickish maroon blazer and my go everywhere all weather black shell jacket. Two scarves that match the colour scheme were thrown in as well as two purple/burgundy beanies and a pair of charcoal possum fur gloves. Three plain tank tops for layering, 2 pairs of pyjamas and a pair of walking pants completed the winter wardrobe!
I was surprised to have some room left over, which means I can do some shopping while away. Already hit up Walmart and got two $10 tops for layering as I felt I didn’t have enough for keeping warm in the sub zero temperatures!

Flight worthy

Flight worthy

I am always looking for the ultimate long haul flight outfit that is super comfy but also looks stylish in that ‘yes-I’m-the-girl-you-should-upgrade’ way. Leggings are really just a legal way of wearing track suit pants, and a thick ponte striped dress looks quite tres chic. A big scarf that doubles as a blanket when the cabin gets chilly,  comfy shoes (these Converse are a fave) and of course socks for cold feet.

Also testing out a pacsafe sling safe anti theft travel handbag, which will keep others from stealing my passport… but still not enough protection to prevent me from throwing it in the hotel bin, just like I did last year!


Today’s Outfit: Leopard Elf

Today's Outfit: Leopard Elf
I really liked wearing this outfit. Much more than yesterdays. Yesterday I tried to do purple jean/leggings with a black high collared flowy top. I forgot that that top is a bit long and hence, too flowy. And my jeans are a bit big now so looked a bit like purple elephant legs, all loosey goosey. Nice.
But today I rocked it!  These pants always make me feel like an elf. Especially when I wear boots, but leopard flats? Well they’re practically a neutral here…

Obsessed with… Orange and Navy

Obsessed with... Orange and Navy Yes I’m STILL obsessed with these colours. Here is an almost version of what I wore today to work. I’ve moved from cobalt blue here to navy, which I think goes nicely with the orange.
I love wearing colour, and people often comment on that, ‘I love all your colours today’ etc. Sometimes I don’t feel I can pull it off though!