Fifty Favourite Things

I love making lists… and even reading my lists again and again (yes, I’m weird).

These are my 50 favourite things in the world!

1. My family. Crazy, loving, adventurous, supportive!

2. The Artist. Love of my life.

3. My friends…and I have heaps, sorry if I don’t see you very often but I love you all and our fun times.

4. My gorgeous niece and her feisty red hair.

5. Cats! Unashamedly a crazy cat lady.

6. Sleep ins…

7. Staying up late!

8. Accessorising…. the collection is growing…


10. Having smell related memory flashbacks.

11. Shopping. Really shopping for anything. I even like getting the groceries!

12. Hot chocolates with melted marshmallows.

13. Cuddling… with boys, cats and pillows.

14. Belting out your favourite tunes in the car.

15. Painting my nails.

16. Road trips.

17. Hot chips. Really, its the small things.

18. Getting lost in a good book…or twelve.

19. Going out for brunch.

20. Having fab hair, usually after a trip to the hairdressers.

21. Seeing good deeds happening. And usually tearing up.

22. Learning about my family history.

23. Strawberries. Well any berries really.

24. Horses, puppies, most animals.

25. Musicals and the theatre! Wish I did this more.

26. Lying on the sand at the beach. Swimming in the (mini) waves.

27. Long long phone calls with friends.

28. The awesome feeling you have after exercise.

29. Stationery… the cuter and more colourful the better.

30. Trivia, online, board games, at the pub, love it!

31. Taking photographs.

32. Sherbert. Lollies!

33. Onion rings… drool.

34. Wandering around markets.

35. Bush walks and lookouts.

36. Snuggling up in winter next to fireplaces.

37. Getting my art on and being creative.

38. Talking, teaching, speaking.

39. Fairy floss!

40. Changing the lyrics to famous songs.

41. Dancing. Freestyle or in lessons.

42. Cruises, long time or short!

43. Peppermint tea.

44. Long, lazy summer lunches, BBQs and picnics.

45. Cooking and baking!

46. Board games.

47. Blogging and faffing online.

48. TV Show and movie marathons.

49. ‘Solving the map’ when travelling.

50. Making lists!


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