July Favourites

July Favourites
I purchased the Benefit They’re Real! push up eye liner in black about a year ago and last month got some of the purple liner. The Benefit sales girl gave me a winged liner (which I can never do properly to myself) and it looked awesome in purple! My attempts to recreate it have been okay but not as good as hers!
Will keep practising.Love the cat pun tee from Miss Shop at Meyer. Because puns + cats = my kinda clothing.
I thought at aged 36 it was time to upgrade to a ‘top of the line’ foundation, and what better than with MAC? Very happy with my Mineralise Moisture foundation.
Loving buying new takes on the good old black jumper, like this colour block one from Paper Scissors.
I was gifted these gorgeous Zohara tights, can’t wait to wear them! Love hearts!
Bought these (window pane? Is that the right phrase?) black and white pants from Katies. I think they will be a bit too stretchy with time. Hate when pants get like that.
Grabbed some $2 mason jars from K Mart with cute striped straws. Because, you know, $2. And some $6 candles. Ok clearly I should not be allowed to go to K Mart alone.
Getting a lot of wear out of my cute B.A.I.T ‘But Another Interesting Tale’ red and black flats. Good purchase!
Love a good face oil, like Trilogy’s Rosehip oil but this new product ‘Face Hero’ by Go-To Skincare is very very good. Smelly-nicey-luxurious-warming good.
Still not sure how I feel about powders. After using a loose powder for a few months I thought I would try a pressed powder and scored this Rimmel one for $6.
Novo shoes were having a sale. Big sale. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now…
For more shoes…

Daily Beauty Must Haves

I am a girly girl. And it’s getting worse. I now have as many eye shadow sets/pots to rival skirts/dresses. It’s a high number… I am sure I could wear a different one every day for about 6 weeks. But like most of you, I usually wear the same few day after day. I’m referring to eye shadows here, but the same goes for my clothes. What can I say? Shopping is my therapy, I love a bargain, and like magpies and bower birds, I’m attracted to colourful sparkly things, often blue 🙂

I am usually doing my make up on the run or in transit so i have a beauty bag stashed full to the brim with me everywhere I go.And I need a really big hand bag to hold my beauty ‘tote’ plus everything else.

I like mixing it up with eye and lip colour, but the rest of my routine relies on a handful of can’t-live-without products, see below.


I have products from clinique to chichi,  but there are a few brands that I am particularly loyal to, such as Rimmel and Benefit.

I’m crazy for the best base, so probably half of my routine goes into skin preparation. After moisturising, either with Nutrimetics and Garnier’s BB cream (so dewy!) in the morning, or Benefit’s “that gal” in the evening I apply my foundation and concealers. Rimmel’s Wake Up and Glow does everything it’s meant to, and the Covergirl and Olay concealer for eyes absolutely rocks. ‘Boiing!’ by Benefit has been a fave concealer for years. I’ve bought more pots than I can remember.

It’s then time for ‘Dallas’ bronzer, some eye shadow blends – love a coordinated pallette, mascara ( I have about 5 on rotation), lip liner and some high shine lippy or gloss, like Rimmel’s Coral in Gold.

On more adventurous days or nights out I’ll do highlighter or illuminator, blush, eye liner, smoky eyes and fuller lips.

Loving that the intermernet teaches me more about beauty and has great videos tips. I shudder to think how my makeup looked ten years ago, with Red Earth and Poppy burgundy lips, and pressed powder foundation!

Webby Must clicks – Rimmel’s face maker try it app thingy, The Almighty Beauty Sorcerer – Zoe Foster (check out her book ‘Amazing Face’) and of course, everything to do with beauty headquarters – primped.com.au