Favourite Accessories this week – Studs!

I love earrings. I have over 200 pairs! I am trying to get rid of some though that I don’t really wear. Lately I’ve been really into wearing studs. Simple, easy, no tangle in the hair effect. I have so many cute ones and cannot go past unicorns, pandas, cherries, stars, cats etc.

I think I may have a stud addiction. Which sounds kind of kinky so I’ll own it.



Accessory of the Week: Very very long scarf

I got this scarf on special at Cotton On last winter as part of a 3 for $10 deal. Bargain! The 3 scarves I bought for $10 are among my favourites, and I have a lot of scarves!

It’s super long, you can wrap it around 4 times. Very snug, and great colour combo, goes with everything!

Favourite Accessory This Week

I have a lot of scarves. Way to many. This one has been on rotation lately. A simple knitted turquoise number with sequins and velvet woven through. What’s not to love?

I bought it in Dingle, Ireland in 2007. It was about 30 euros, which really is expensive for a scarf, but I think it was worth it as I love it so much. Well I do get carried away while shopping when travelling.

It just needs to be a bit longer. You know those scarves that are too long for one loop round your neck, but too short for two? Annoying (first world problems…I know)! Especially those snood things, infinity scarf things, I have one that just won’t go around twice without choking me. But one loop looks like a bib.


202 Can i have a castle for my wedding








And speaking of first world problems, what’s the solution with trying to wear a scarf and a necklace together? My necklaces seem to hibernate in winter as scarves get prime neck real estate…

Is it poor neck etiquette to wear both?

Clearly these are the sorts of questions that keep me up all night.

Favourite Accessory This Week

Some people collect crystal figurines, or wall vases or ornamental cats. I try to collect useful objects. Handbags, make up and accessories.

At last count I had over 115 pairs of earrings. 115! And that was a few months ago… Oh well, if I change pairs twice a day I can wear them all in a month!

But my favourite accessory this week is my heart shaped silver ring. I bought it in a gift shop in Berry, NSW for $18. Bargain. Its one of those rings that you constantly catch yourself playing with and looking at. I suppose like you would look at and play with an engagement ring.

Sigh. Until then I’ll just wear my heart on my ring.