Pink and Purrrrrrrty

Pinky and Purrrty
I wore a navy dress on Monday with peachy pink shoes and a peach and navy fabric flower brooch. I bought the dress from Modcloth and hadn’t worn it yet as I just didn’t love it. I sized up, but the dress came with plenty of stretch so I could have probably gone a size down. It also was quite big around the shoulder and chest area (a common problem for me; seeing as if I order size 16/18 or 2XX I am supposed to have a large rack…uh, no).
Trolley Tour Dress in Navy
I finally decided I wanted to wear it to work as I was looking for something to wear with the bird print fabric brooch. I sighed as I got up and looked at the brooch, if only I had a plain navy dress to wear this with… hang on I do! (Occupational hazard of a female with over 80 dresses, you forget what you have!)
The dress looked cute with the brooch and shoes, as well as a peach bird print necklace – see below. But I was still not sure I loved my figure in the dress. Running out of time, I decided to go with it, it was only work anyway.
The dress was certainly comfy, a nice knee length and had pockets! So that made me feel better. Amazingly, I had 5 people compliment me on how I looked. It’s funny when you aren’t necessarily ‘feeling’ it but others ‘see’ it. And by ‘it’ – I mean that age old argument of look good, feel good, or is it feel good, look good? I certainly felt better about the dress after 5 compliments. I mean who wouldn’t?
West 4th Studio Noosa Heads and Eumundi Markets, Sunshine Coast | Long Chain Pendants:
Inspired by that look, I planned another outfit with the Modcloth dress, maybe this time with baby pink?
And cat accessories. Because cats always make things better.

Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

These are the things I am liking at the moment (Cue Carrie Bradshaw ‘me likey!’)

Cute summer sandals from Target. $20 yes please!

‘Unicorns are so lame. said nobody ever.’ notebook from Typo. Seriously Typo? So cute I spend all my money.

A Snow of Ice and Fire 7 book sets. Come to mama.

Two pairs of patterned sunnies from Crossroads. $10 each. That’s why I bought two of course.

Batiste! How did I survive before I met you?!

Euphoria by CK, gifted 2 years in a row.

Natio BB cream. Pretty much all I need on my dial before heading beach side.

W7 Saucy Strawberry lip balm tin. Love this glamour edition tin too.

Kmart rose bud earrings. I like have them in 7 colours.

Wet n Wild Fergie ‘Hollywood Walk of fame’ nail polish of mini stars. Stars for fox sake, talk about cute!

Colour Fest Day 13 – Vivacious

Vivacious Pantone
I have so many clothes in this colour range, love a bit of deep pinky fuchsia to brighten the day. Love my soft leather $15 handbag above, and my pink top with the built in necklace!
Can’t wait to try out my new love heart sweater from Mix@Coles!
This is the base colour for my 31 day trip, starting tomorrow, packing is a mix of pinks, blacks, whites and denims!

Colour Fest Day 10 – Linen

A lovely clean nude, pinky creamy goodness and usually a pain to keep clean! I have pants this colour. I’m mean really, who can wear light coloured pants and go outside? or sit down on public transport? or garden?
Not me. dark colours below the waist seems to be a better option.
Those boots – swoon! A hundred euros, from Amsterdam bought in 2005. Still love them. I seem to strut instead of walk while wearing them. Well, strut more than usual.

Colour Fest Day 7 – Nectarine

Pantone NectarineIf you’d said that 5 years ago that I would end up wearing more orange in my outfit than a road worker I would have laughed out loud and thought you were a bit not right in the head.
But here I am, orange dresses, high heels, jewels, tops, flats, cheek and lip stains.
Loving it. Probably not right in the head, but loving it.

Colour Fest Day 6: Monaco Blue

Monaco Blue
I suppose this colour is to make you think of the Mediterranean Ocean, blue sparkling and shining, like the coast of Monaco, Nice, Cannes etc.
I visited the Cote D’Azur in 2005, and the water was a spectacular colour. I am currently loving royal blues, cobalt blues, monaco blues, probably as they have been dominating the fashion world for a little while.
I have a jumper in this colour and at the moment it’s getting worn every week without fail, dressed up or down.