Today I am Dreaming of… Bali Beach Clubs

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When: July 2016

Where: We stayed at the top of Seminyak near Canggu beach, walking distance to Potato Head Beach Club, Finns and KU-DE-TA.

What: My maiden voyage to Bali! It’s probably a cliche to sit at a beach club by a pool and relax with cocktails, but when you need a break I can definitely handle some beach side / pool side relaxation for a few days.

Why: Its that pointy end of the working year where you start hankering for summer holidays, and a chance to relax with a nice drink! Not to mention the weather has been lovely and warm. Bring on summer!

Who: A classic girls trip this time. Eating, drinking and shopping. All the things The Artist isn’t in to!


Today I am Dreaming Of… Yangshuo

When: October 2014

What: Yangshuo in the Guillin area of China was my favourite stop on our 3 week tour. I loved our cruise down the Li River as well as our day bike riding and rafting!

Who: Me, the Peaches girls, new friends on our Essential China G Adventures Tour!

Packing for 8 days

Packing for 8 days


After all these years travelling you would think that I would have got it right by now, packing just the right amount of clothes. Perfect for the occasions, activities and weather.

Nope, failed again. Why is it that I never seem to pack the right amount of tops? Every trip  – I get there and think – Oh no! I have no choices! What am I going to wear tomorrow? Sometimes the tops are not appropriate, too dressy or too casual, or they get sweaty or dirty and can’t be re worn. I must remember for future packing to pack my clothes and then add 2 or 3 more tops.

For this trip I have a pink knitted sweater, a black jumper, a casual pink blazer and a black waterproof jacket, which was plenty of things to keep me warm. Aside from my many black tank tops (purely for wearing under things) I took 3 black T Shirt style tops (one with writing, one with a pattern and one plain) and a pink sheer sleeveless blouse – that really has shrunk since it feels too short when I put it on.

I wore one of the black T Shirts on the plane, then one on each of the next two days, and the blouse out for dinner. Day 3 of my trip and I’m out of options!

I blame the weather. Even though the forecast was for tops of 14 degrees celcius (in my opinion – cold), the reality has been that it has been sunny and without wind so short sleeves are fine. So I was cross I didn’t pack more short sleeved options!

Oh hello shopping on day 3…. (typical!)

Next time I’ll get it right, I promise… ( though I feel I took enough dresses (2) and pants (4 pairs plus leggings).

Here are my accessories for this trip, shoes, swimwear, scarves and jewellery. I also have a few  earring choices too.


2 Weeks in California

Here’s what I packed for a two week Spring vacation in California, planning some beach action!

Colour scheme was pinks with aqua and teal, along with neutrals. Inspired by blends like these:






I really wanted to pack items of clothing that fit well and look good, as well as coordinating. Sometimes when I work around a colour scheme I try too hard to make the clothes work together and on the hanger they might. But in reality I may not love the item that much so on holidays I don’t really want to wear it.

I am spending the majority of my time hanging by the beach so didn’t really need fancy clothes, mainly shorts and tees.

Tops included:



Bottoms and dresses included:


And then some neutral items and basics for layering:

basicsAnd no doubt I’ll do some shopping too!


30 Day Travel Wardrobe

30 Day Travel Wardrobe
What to pack when you are travelling for 30 days? Unlike my last big trip to China which was strictly backpacks only, for this trip I took a big roller suitcase so I had the liberty of packing more clothes. I was heading into temperatures of 25 degrees down to minus 5 degrees, so warmth was clearly driving my thoughts as I packed (the day before too – so not like me!)
I chose the colours navy and maroon with a hint of purples and plums as my travel wardrobe colour theme. My knee high leather boots are plum coloured, and I took my navy flats. For heels/evening wear I chose black leather booties and for beach walks I took my Havaianas. I also took some sneakers for walking and hiking.
I took my favourite blue jeans and some navy jeans that I recently got from Rivers Australia, plus a navy mini skirt I also got at Rivers. I threw in 3 pairs of leggings, 2 black and 1 navy for lazing about in and to wear under skirts and dresses.
I took 5 different dresses that could be worn with leggings and boots, with flats or booties and cardigans and jackets or on their own with flip flops on warmer days. All featuring the navy, blue, red, maroon, purple colour scheme.
For tops I took a few different short sleeved and sleeveless blouses and tees that can be worn over singlets and/or under jackets and cardigans. I took a thin navy cardigan ($6 from K Mart – bargain!) and a maroon knitted cardigan. I also packed a long sleeved navy top and a jumper with sequins sewn into the knit.
Took a thickish maroon blazer and my go everywhere all weather black shell jacket. Two scarves that match the colour scheme were thrown in as well as two purple/burgundy beanies and a pair of charcoal possum fur gloves. Three plain tank tops for layering, 2 pairs of pyjamas and a pair of walking pants completed the winter wardrobe!
I was surprised to have some room left over, which means I can do some shopping while away. Already hit up Walmart and got two $10 tops for layering as I felt I didn’t have enough for keeping warm in the sub zero temperatures!

Packing for 32 days

Packing for 32 days
It is always a challenge when you have to pack for an extended holiday, 3 weeks and over. You can’t take an outfit and set of underwear for everyday, which you may pack for short trips. Most people pack an assortment of easy, wear anywhere, day to night clothes and then try to do some laundry throughout the trip.

Depending on the size of your luggage also depends on how much you pack. I will be travelling for 32 days out of a 50L backpack. Any bigger and I can’t physically carry it on my back. With one small cross body bag, I had to be a packing ninja to get all my clothes, underwear, shoes, toiletries, accessories and travel items in the backpack! Plus still have some room left for shopping!

My colour theme for this trip was black and grey neutrals with denim items and aqua/teal pieces. I will be travelling around China and Hong Kong, with a week in the USA afterwards, so weather will be mostly pleasant, averages between 20 and 30 degrees.

Here are my packing choices!

BOTTOMS – blue skinny jeans from Target, black mini skirt from K Mart, 2 pairs of black leggings, dark denim shorts from City Chic.

TOPS – 4 black tank tops for layering, black cardigan and grey leopard jumper from Paper Scissors, striped long sleeved tee  and black floral sleeveless blouse from K Mart, mint sleeveless blouse from Valley Girl, black and teal studded sleeveless blouse from Charlotte Russe, black sheer blouse from Sussan and a navy and aqua love heart tee shirt from Mix Apparel @ Coles.

I recently brought an all weather jacket from Rivers, water proof, wind proof, with adjustable sleeves, a hood and hidden protected pockets.

DRESSES – Multi coloured striped casual dress from Charlotte Russe, dark grey graphic print dress from Valley Girl and a floral sun dress from K Mart, all able to be worn on their own or with leggings and a cardigan or jumper. I like dresses that can be day or night and even flying gear and sleep outfits for overnight trains.

ACCESSORIES – I’m taking 2 scarves, one navy, khaki and white patterned, one plain aqua-green. For shoes I’m taking my favourite black Havaianas, black and white Converse,  plain black flats from Target and some strappy flat black sandals from K Mart.

Essential Holidays…

5 days to go until I head off to Beijing to start my 21 day ‘Essential China’ tour with G Adventures. Can’t wait!

Encounter the essence of China in all its wonderful diversity—climb the Great Wall and stare down the Terracotta Warriors before heading down south on this 3-week tour of China’s cultural and natural highlights. Rest your gaze on the giant Buddha of Leshan and explore ancient mountainside monasteries at Emei Shan, then float down the world-famous Three Gorges of the Yangtze River before stepping out to experience the vibrant rural life and stunning scenery of Yangshuo. With your accommodation and transport arranged by our expert CEOs, this adventure offers up a great combination of must-see highlights and free time to explore on your own.

Packing sorted, visa received, flights purchased, travel diary ready for action!

essential china