Thailand and Malyasia by Instagram

Despite losing my passport, having a bag stolen, losing a bankcard and being held up by police with machine guns I had a great time in South East Asia!

Volvic Water from France, in Thailand. Reminds me of travelling in France – every time.

Cocktails on a Beach in Ko Pha Ngan. It’s the done thing in Thailand.

Bottles Beach, Koh Pha Ngan. A deserted piece of paradise.

Koh Samui airport is one of the nicest I’ve been too.

Hotel pool in steamy Bangkok.

My new passport, after the losing passport debacle. Absolute debacle.

Trying to fly in tropical lightning storms – Bangkok

Lady boy shows – Koh Samui

Butterfly farm – Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands tea plantations – Malaysia

A jungle hike to see a Rafflesia.

The towers in Kuala Lumpur.


100 recipe books collecting dust

I love recipe books. I love finding new dishes that taste yummy. But most nights my dinners come from an unknown, slightly successful, at times disappointing recipe collection called ‘My Brain’.

You know the process – look in cupboard/fridge/freezer, pull out random items and place together on plate. Optional extra is to cook things first.

Tonight’s brain determined mash up was a success: Prawn Pockets, with corn cobs!

Melbourne by Instagram

1. Miss S is onto the fact that I am leaving on a jet plane… unwillingly, she was forced into the cat box the next morning, not without taking some of my skin with her!

2. Waiting for The Artist… haloumi bruschetta it is!

3. Cocktails at Crown Casino, Lumiere Bar

4. Interior ceiling of The Central Arcade

1. Umbrella display inside shopping mall, Collins St.

2. Some of Melbourne purchases, clutch, bracelets, necklace

3. Brownie with ice cream, fairy floss and strawberry lime cider – for lunch!

4. Babushka shop, Royal Arcade.

Liking, Loathing, Noticing…

Liking: Instagram and Pinterest. The artist in me loves the visual please you receive from little snaps and clicks and pins!

Loathing: Fallen off weight loss wagon, AGAIN. Clothes don’t fit, urgh. Must put down the corn chips (literally!) and grab a carrot!

Noticing: This body ain’t what it used to be. A ninety minute soiree on the soccer field leaves me creaking and wobbly like a soon to be nana.

Liking: Recent Shopping Sprees (Hello Jay Jays), Autumn accessories (Must read scarf tying tutorials) and all my fave fashion blogs – see side bar!

Loathing: Waiting for workmen who don’t come and don’t call. It’s almost like a flashback to bad dating circa 2005.

Noticing: New airlines and new deals and flight paths that are oh-so-cheap and barely do any advertising. Ha! They don’t need to at those prices, word of mouth is the best publicity they can get. Hello 2012/13 holidays. Air Asia, Tiger, Scoot airlines, I’m talking to you.