More Baking Shenanigans

I usually make my pizza on pre-bought pita pockets or Lebanese bread. My stomach wanted pizza tonight. Nothing to use for bases. What to do?

Hey I’m on holidays and have time – let’s make pizza dough from scratch! Too easy.

Though it tasted a bit too floury. Like crumbly floury.  Think I like my skinny thinny base and heaps of topping style pizza better.



More Time Please

If I had more time, these are the things I would like to do more often:

Draw / Paint

Tinkle on my electronic keyboard (or actually learn to play properly)

Write (emails, blog posts, column ideas)

Read (novels, magazines, professional journals

Curl my hair

Garden (besides  just watering the floundering pots on my verandah)

Play trivia


In the holidays I always try to do more of these, with varying degrees of success. Has anyone actually seen my keyboard? (oh there it is, under the pile of clothes!)

Last night I found time to bake! It was either that or throw out the old looking bananas and strawberries…

Here is my attempt at strawberry muffins:

Had some butter issues… didn’t rise as nice as I’d hoped. And I should have chopped the strawberries smaller.

But my Banana oat bread was a hit!

100 recipe books collecting dust

I love recipe books. I love finding new dishes that taste yummy. But most nights my dinners come from an unknown, slightly successful, at times disappointing recipe collection called ‘My Brain’.

You know the process – look in cupboard/fridge/freezer, pull out random items and place together on plate. Optional extra is to cook things first.

Tonight’s brain determined mash up was a success: Prawn Pockets, with corn cobs!

Replace Lard with Larb

Tried to do a nice healthy dinner courtesy of Weight Watchers’ cookbook – “Cook It Quick”  – Chilli Beef Larb. Didn’t have any mangoes for the salad though. They still cost about $7.00 each, bring on summer!

Note to self: The word ‘Chilli’ in the recipe title indicates a degree of hotness. Not sure why you were so surprised that it was spicy. Verdict – yum with a side of messiness!

The Recipe!                                                               My Attempt!

What is this strange place?

Tonight I discovered a part of my apartment that had gone unnoticed for the last month or two. When I finally rediscovered it, I had to carefully reacquaint myself, easing my way in. Oh the wonders I found! Colourful pictures, tantalising smells (and some not so tantalising), strange shaped objects, I was inspired!

And thus, I had a moment of creation! Who knows, I may even venture back to this strange little corner for more creativity and more discoveries!

So what, dear reader, is this strange place?

The Kitchen!

Kooking in the Citchen

I love recipe books. And magazines. Since recently getting my very own kitchen in my very own apartment, I now have an unhealthy number, that, like my weight, is growing.

I want to cook all those fabulous meals, I really do. But I get lazy. And tired. And eat a bowl of cereal for dinner. Or ice cream. Or cheese. (Yes sometimes, a bowl of cheese).

But I am on a mission to break the cycle and utilise all those glossy colourful cook books.


Choose one book/magazine on Sunday. Choose 3-4 recipes out of it and cook all of them for the week. Take chosen magazine to the shops on Sunday to ensure all ingredients are readily ready when you’re ready to cook. Keep the cookbook in the kitchen on the table to remind you each day what you are cooking. Optional Step: Use quirky note tabs (kikki k, smiggle) to mark recipes.

Ok let’s go! Tonight’s recipe meal… um… corn thins with avocado. Ok maybe I’ll start next week!