Obsessed With… Body Balance

Obsessed With... Body Balance
Earlier this year I mentioned my ’13 for 13′ and my number 10 was to find some zen time.
As one who finds it difficult to sit still, and usually regards zen time as nap time, this was going to be hard but I felt I needed to definitely do something each week to help me zone out.
Along with my 13 for 13 I also wanted to add Pilates to my activity repertoire.
I enrolled in a course, parted with my moula, and it got cancelled due to low numbers. Bummer!
Hello universe, you’re not helping me find my zen time! Not to mention my stretch time to assist these failing and flailing joints of mine.
But the tides have turned. I joined a gym 3 weeks ago, and as part of that decision I’ve committed to attending one or two Body Balance or Pilates classes a week.
I’m  not so good at the core strengthening and balancing activities (not yet) but it makes me feel calm, strong and relaxed, and totally takes away the stresses of the day.
Hey look! I found something I can do that gives me zen! It definitely suits me better to do it in a class where I am totally committed, then to do it at home on my own.
I even did a Pilates class at the gym, so building up slowly!

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