Black and White Beach Days

Black and White Beach Days


Rainy Day Reds

Rainy Day Reds

Sydney has been very wet lately. ‘Storms, hail, floods, monotonous drizzle, puddles, things being cancelled’ wet. It’s pretty usual this time of year, but the last fortnight has been pretty crazy.

I love the rain, for about one day. Especially when it’s a weekend and you have no plans. Like today. I hate the rain when I have outdoor things planned…

But what I discovered (after 3 trips to eternally sunny Southern California) is that I like the contrast.

Having wet, rainy, stormy days makes you yearn for sunny, hot stinkers. After 4 weeks of it in SoCal, I would have loved to had broken up the ‘eternal sunshine’ with a good solid downpour. I love the changing of seasons, the bitter winter chills and then the pool days in 30 degrees. I guess you always want what you haven’t got. It would seem I am even like that with the weather.

You can’t deny that Sydney weather is anything but dramatic. No mucking around; we do crazy storms, bushfires, heat waves, wild winds with the drama of Miley Cyrus. And I love it.