Colour Fest Day 6: Monaco Blue

Monaco Blue
I suppose this colour is to make you think of the Mediterranean Ocean, blue sparkling and shining, like the coast of Monaco, Nice, Cannes etc.
I visited the Cote D’Azur in 2005, and the water was a spectacular colour. I am currently loving royal blues, cobalt blues, monaco blues, probably as they have been dominating the fashion world for a little while.
I have a jumper in this colour and at the moment it’s getting worn every week without fail, dressed up or down.

Colour Fest Day 3 – Tender Shoots

Pantone Inspired - Tender Shoots

I’m surprised I had plenty of coordinating colours in my wardrobe for Tender Shoots. Somewhere between a limey green and a neon yellow, with all tones of yellow/green coordinating.

I wore these pants, the scarf, necklace, watch and earrings today, with plenty of Batiste dry shampoo in my dirty hair (high pony please!) and Maybeline’s ‘Tough As Taupe’ Colour Tattoo eye shadow.

Garnier must be happy their products colour coordinate with Tender Shoots this Spring!

I have red appliances and accessories in my kitchen, but these funky lime green utensils would look pretty cool too.

I already have eight pairs of Havaianas, but not lime green!