Colour Fest Day 8 – Emerald

Pantone Emerald

Not quite aqua, not quite green, emerald sits smugly in the middle. Matching the swatch from Pantone to my wardrobe was surprising – not much actually matched!

Too aqua, too turquoise, too green, too blue, too dark, too light, ooh this matches… oh that’s right that doesn’t fit. Like half my wardrobe. Sigh.

In other observations that mug is awesome, and pretty much sums up my life, if you consider ‘make stuff’ to be faffing around online and in the wardrobe whilst watching Next Top Model.

Sure, I make stuff.


Colour Fest Day 3 – Tender Shoots

Pantone Inspired - Tender Shoots

I’m surprised I had plenty of coordinating colours in my wardrobe for Tender Shoots. Somewhere between a limey green and a neon yellow, with all tones of yellow/green coordinating.

I wore these pants, the scarf, necklace, watch and earrings today, with plenty of Batiste dry shampoo in my dirty hair (high pony please!) and Maybeline’s ‘Tough As Taupe’ Colour Tattoo eye shadow.

Garnier must be happy their products colour coordinate with Tender Shoots this Spring!

I have red appliances and accessories in my kitchen, but these funky lime green utensils would look pretty cool too.

I already have eight pairs of Havaianas, but not lime green!