9 of the Best … Black and White Cushions

9 of the Best ... Black and White Cushions


Saturday Nights In

Saturday Nights In
I know I am getting old (as in middle aged) when I look forward to and enjoy staying home on a Friday or Saturday night. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and have spent most of my life the social butterfly type, sometimes cramming 3-4 social events in one day.
But when I’m tired or exhausted or it’s been a big week, I love just staying home, chilling, relaxing, lounging and usually sleeping early and sleeping in. BLISS!
The cat loves it too. I recently got a new quilt cover and new sheets (from Ramesses); having an inviting bed or couch makes nights in more enjoyable, add a throw rug on those colder nights.
pop bed ramesses
I bought these H & M sweatpants (trackies as us Aussies call them – short for tracksuit pants) last weekend and they are very comfortable. Like sweatpants but with a leggings fit around the calf. Super soft and a nice wide thick waistband. I think they will be perfect for flying and can be dressed up or down.
Some inspiration:

Art Walk… Episode 1 – Hallway

I’m slowly building the artworks I have on the walls at home and my lounge room has the start of a gallery wall above the sofa. Here are some of the artworks in my house!

Today’s episode: HALLWAY.

So I have this cute little hallway between my bedrooms and bathroom, with 4 narrow walls perfect for art. I’ve just updated what hangs here. At the moment I have these cute shoe prints in white frames from IKEA (prints and frames separate) and an optometrist-eye-test-inspired affirmation message from Target. Bought them on the same day, both under $20! Love them! I really want this ampersand print in black and white as well, but think I could print and make it myself? Choose a font? Too hard? Just spend $25 at target? Though, I think I saw these at Spotlight for ten dollars in red… should have bought the ampersand one then… not on their website anymore – Boo!

But that pink bird print is cute…

New Diary Time

New Diary Time
As a stationery addict, there is nothing like buying a crisp, new empty diary to start the new year.
Typo (part of the Cotton On Franchise) have some lovely ones as always, like the 2015 planner in black and gold and the owl covered diary featured above.
Trust Kate Spade to have gorgeous things too, like the bow tie paper clips, the black and white spotted diary and matching black and white pen.
I got some lovely stationery items for Christmas this year, and bought a black week to a page diary with gold polka dots on it, all ready for black and gold Sharpie pens I think!