Absolute Make Up Favourites

Absolute Make Up Favourites

Although there is a never ending parade of items that pass through my make up bag, these items are my winners, the coveted items that get a spot in there year round. Some of these items have been a favourite for years!


I love a few benefit concealer products, and have explored a few others (who me? dark circles ? rosacea?) but I keep coming back to Boi-ing. Industrial strength, never moving, thick coverage. I’m sold.


Benefit know brows, okay? I do love a bit of Gimme Brow as well, but the Goof Proof pencil is super easy you get perfect brows every time.


A great translucent setting powder that goes on after foundation, blush and bronzer. I dust it on last in case my blush and brozer is a bit heavy.


A few years ago I upgraded to a ‘really expensive foundation’ after banging around for years with supermarket brands, and I love my MAC. Feel very grown up buying this.


I have about 30 lip balms in all my drawers and bags, but this is the best. So moisturising and with a bit of colour. If I’m lazy, this is all I use for the day.


So so good. Most weekdays I can get away with just wearing this, concealer and powder to work. Saves my MAC. This BB cream has excellent colour coverage and smells divine.


If I could only pick one lipstick out of my 50 or so, I would get my 2 Natio lip colours. Super moisturising, but not slippery that they slide off, and matte enough without being dry. My favourite shade is Flutter, a lovely nudey pink. I also have Playful, a warm orangey red.


So there you have, my desert island, smuggle me in prison, take on holidays Make Up Favourites!
What are yours?

Bali Prep!

Bali Prep!

In 3 days I am heading off to Bali, Indonesia for the first time! It’s hard to imagine sunny humid days when its bitterly cold here in Australia. I’m currently working out my travel wardrobe. Maybe pink shades? With black and white? A rain poncho, a hat and insect repellent are absolute musts!

To do list:

  1. Seminyak! Where we are staying 🙂
  2. Beach bars and sunsets
  3. Ubud and the rice fields
  4. Monkey Sanctuary
  5. Elephant Safari
  6. Temples!
  7. Shopping…


Flight worthy

Flight worthy

I am always looking for the ultimate long haul flight outfit that is super comfy but also looks stylish in that ‘yes-I’m-the-girl-you-should-upgrade’ way. Leggings are really just a legal way of wearing track suit pants, and a thick ponte striped dress looks quite tres chic. A big scarf that doubles as a blanket when the cabin gets chilly,  comfy shoes (these Converse are a fave) and of course socks for cold feet.

Also testing out a pacsafe sling safe anti theft travel handbag, which will keep others from stealing my passport… but still not enough protection to prevent me from throwing it in the hotel bin, just like I did last year!