Cat Diaries

If my cat Stormy could write a diary of how she spends her day, this would be it.



6.30am My human is going to bathroom, should I follow or wait to see if she comes back to bed?

Oh good here she comes. It’s a public holiday so I hope she sleeps in.

10.15am My Human is awake. That’s a good sleep in! I’ll go wait in the kitchen for biscuits. Oh she’s having a shower, better keep watch outside bathroom.

10.30am Biscuits! Ahh now its time to sleep on top of the couch by the window.

11.00am Hmm too much sunshine. Will move to couch seat.

12.30pm Where is that sun? Right, next to door to balcony, will sleep there.

1.15pm Am I getting too warm? I’ll move to the shade next to the door.

1.30pm No, no, I’ll go back to sleeping in front of door.

2.00pm Why is My Human opening this door? Now I’ll have to move. Back to couch.

2.30pm Time for a walk. Walk to bedroom and back three times. Back to sleep on the floor, this time under washing rack.

3.30pm Hmm, haven’t been on the couch for a while, I’ll sleep there.

5.00pm Time for dinner. I’ll just sit here in front of Kitchen till she gets the message.

5.30pm Nope, I’ll have to walk behind her on the couch for half and hour and head butt her.

6.00pm Dinner! May as well use the cat litter while I’m here.

6.30pm My Human is still on couch, I think I’ll sit next to her on the arm of the couch.

7.30pm While My Human is making her dinner, time for some more exercise. Oh look, a pom pom, I’ll chase that around for a while.

8.00pm Man I’m tired. Time to sit next to My Human and snuggle on the couch for a rest.

9.00pm Think Ill change sides to the other side of My Human and her laptop. Back to sleep.

11.00pm Ooh are we off to bed? Great. I’ll walk in and out of the covers for 45 mins, then settle on top of My Human. Busy day, let’s sleep!



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