Upping the Snack Attack

I love snacking. Anytime. Before, during, after meals (well maybe not during…that would really be a problem).

The problem is snacking isn’t a great companion to weight loss. So in order to keep my snacking calories down I need to snack on healthy things, which doesn’t include Kale (because let’s face it, eating green leafy stuff just doesn’t give foodies like me any satisfaction).

Some of my current favourites are:

Coconut flakes – almost tricks me into thinking I’m eating crisps. I said almost. Crunchy but sweet.

Berries – when they are good, they are the bomb. But bad berries can be a real turn off. Nothing more disappointing than buying a punnet and then maybe not open it for a while, to then discover one or two bad berries has ruined the whole lot. And they’re not cheap either!

Prawns – I love cold cooked prawns, satisfying to eat after all that peeling. 6-8 medium size king prawns is about 100 calories.

Banana chips – I know they are not that low in calories, but they can give that sweet but crunchy taste that I crave, and I can usually control myself and just have a handful.

Air popped popcorn – loving the sweet but salty varieties in the health food aisle … I’m seeing a pattern that I crave crunchy but sweet goodies!

Dried Mango – one slice/piece can hit you up for a sugar craving!

Along with other fresh fruit and veges (which I easily get bored of) some of these snacks are great for providing a sugar and crunch hit, instead of reaching for potato crisps and sweet biscuits… or chocolate.

Yes chocolate, I am still obsessed with you, and its Easter and everything so we are not breaking up yet!



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