Under $40 Gift Guide – Red

Under $40 Gift Guide - Red

It’s Christmas time! I do love the festive season and feel that this year I can really embrace it. I’m not going overseas like last year, which was fantastic but meant for a busy time before I flew out for 4 weeks.

Staying home also means I can get out my Christmas decorations and put my tree up! I didn’t do this last year and I even got gifted a whole batch of new decorations I have yet to use.

I love red anyway so naturally have heaps of red things, Christmassy and otherwise.  So this first gift guide features a whole bunch of red gifts under $40. Love the Red UK post box book ends, as well as the apple pin for the teacher, or just for someone else who loves apples!

I jut bought a Christmas T Shirt (red of course) and can’t wait to wear it!

Here are some other great red items for gifts!

137095-27-2 A870099 608386580_fs_2            196990300_199149940dec_fs_1


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