Savouring Beach Moments

I love going to the beach, even though I am not much of a swimmer. It is peaceful, relaxing, earthy,  with things to treat the senses. Sights, smells, sounds. During Summer (and Spring even!) I try to get there once a week.

Lately I have been trying to take note of all the little beach moments that you can savour, especially for a ‘wader’ like me – I can’t call myself a swimmer! My experiences will be very different compared to surfers.

Things I love:

  1. Lying close to the sand and picking out tiny shells and pebbles.
  2. Standing in the water and sinking in your legs and ankles
  3. Those times when little waves ripple back into the surf creating little ‘wave quakes’ (for want of a better description!)
  4. Crystal clear water
  5. All the rushing sounds of waves ebbing and flowing
  6. That heady feeling of snoozing in the sun
  7. Stepping on partly dry sand that cracks like meringue
  8. The first (usually cold) splash of water over your upper body

I’m so lucky to be able to savour these moments every time I’m at the beach. And Sydney (like the rest of Australia) does AMAZING beaches.


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