Packing for 8 days

Packing for 8 days


After all these years travelling you would think that I would have got it right by now, packing just the right amount of clothes. Perfect for the occasions, activities and weather.

Nope, failed again. Why is it that I never seem to pack the right amount of tops? Every trip  – I get there and think – Oh no! I have no choices! What am I going to wear tomorrow? Sometimes the tops are not appropriate, too dressy or too casual, or they get sweaty or dirty and can’t be re worn. I must remember for future packing to pack my clothes and then add 2 or 3 more tops.

For this trip I have a pink knitted sweater, a black jumper, a casual pink blazer and a black waterproof jacket, which was plenty of things to keep me warm. Aside from my many black tank tops (purely for wearing under things) I took 3 black T Shirt style tops (one with writing, one with a pattern and one plain) and a pink sheer sleeveless blouse – that really has shrunk since it feels too short when I put it on.

I wore one of the black T Shirts on the plane, then one on each of the next two days, and the blouse out for dinner. Day 3 of my trip and I’m out of options!

I blame the weather. Even though the forecast was for tops of 14 degrees celcius (in my opinion – cold), the reality has been that it has been sunny and without wind so short sleeves are fine. So I was cross I didn’t pack more short sleeved options!

Oh hello shopping on day 3…. (typical!)

Next time I’ll get it right, I promise… ( though I feel I took enough dresses (2) and pants (4 pairs plus leggings).

Here are my accessories for this trip, shoes, swimwear, scarves and jewellery. I also have a few  earring choices too.



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