OOTD: Feline






– ‘Feline So Hot Right Meow’ T Shirt Miss Shop @ Meyer

– Casual soft jeans from Target Australia

– Cheap black flats from K Mart

– Faux Leather Jacket from Target USA


4 hour road trip to visit my parents, stopping at Fitzroy Falls, NSW to see the falls and the view


I’ve not really been into the statement T shirt craze, usually opting to wear plain tops. Actually I’m not really into T shirts for every day wear. I prefer my tops either more flowy or more fitted. But I do love a good pun, and a cat pun? Well I was sold on this T shirt for $18.00. And since we would be sitting in the car for 4 hours comfy clothes were a must, and these jeans are so soft and stretchy they could be leggings. But they’re aren’t leggings, or even ‘jeggings’, they are jeans so another win.


I just bought 2 more T shirts from K Mart and although this may seem obvious to some, but I think they would be perfect travel, especially when you are walking all day and sight seeing. I even avoid T shirts as a back packer, but then often have the wrong sort of clothing to go with my jeans and converse! Yes I’m a slow learner…

I love this jacket I got from Target in San Clementes, California last October, but I think it makes me look short!


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