Things I’ve Learned… Living Alone

1. You are not ‘lonely’. When you feel lonely you call someone or go out. And if like me you spend all day and most nights out with other people, you relish coming home and being alone. Ahh silence.

2. You can live comfortably in your own mess. Pile of dishes? whatevs… clean it tomorrow. 10 items of clothing on the floor, no probs step over them for 2 weeks. BUT as soon as someone else comes over (or in my case, stays over – Mr Fiance) don’t you dare leave a dirty plate in the sink. I will get attitude.

3. No one critiques what you eat, so anything goes. This obviously has pros and cons. Loved ones might say; are you going to eat the whole bar of chocolate? The cat really never says that. And NO ONE KNOWS you ate it.

4. Music choice, TV choice, you own that shit. I can listen to whatever I want, as loud as I want.

5. You never feel truly worried for your safety until you hear a strange noise in the middle of the night. Then you’re awake like Jodie Foster and grabbing the nearest item you can use as weapon.

6. There is no one around to give you any wardrobe/outfit feedback. Sometimes I worry about my own judgement of clothing choices, especially at 6.30am. I say to the cat – does this go? does this look okay? Can’t speak meow though, so sometimes I’m sure my coworkers must raise an eyebrow (or two) at my clothing choices.

004IMG_4268 IMG_1647


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