Saturday Nights In

Saturday Nights In
I know I am getting old (as in middle aged) when I look forward to and enjoy staying home on a Friday or Saturday night. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and have spent most of my life the social butterfly type, sometimes cramming 3-4 social events in one day.
But when I’m tired or exhausted or it’s been a big week, I love just staying home, chilling, relaxing, lounging and usually sleeping early and sleeping in. BLISS!
The cat loves it too. I recently got a new quilt cover and new sheets (from Ramesses); having an inviting bed or couch makes nights in more enjoyable, add a throw rug on those colder nights.
pop bed ramesses
I bought these H & M sweatpants (trackies as us Aussies call them – short for tracksuit pants) last weekend and they are very comfortable. Like sweatpants but with a leggings fit around the calf. Super soft and a nice wide thick waistband. I think they will be perfect for flying and can be dressed up or down.
Some inspiration:

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